Chapter 421 : Come With Me!

    Chapter 421 : Come With Me!

    Han Shanyue was speechless.

    He sounded neither too cold nor too excited, "It's my first time too!"

    "Then, have you prepared the bridegroom's attire yet?" Ning Xuemo retorted him.

    "I dislike the crimson color!" Han Shanyue sat upright slowly, "Do you like the color crimson?"

    "Me? I'm alright with it, but since you are only taking in a concubine, it doesn't matter if you decide to wear the crimson groom attire or not. However, if you were to marry someone as the main wife, no matter how much you hate it, you'll still have to wear red. Otherwise, the other party's family will not be pleased," advised Ning Xuemo who rarely gave her genuine advice to others.

    Han Shanyue stared at her, "So, you still want to watch me marry someone?"

    Whether or not you marry is none of my business! Ning Xuemo was rolling her eyes in silence.

    "Look, you are already taking a concubine, and you will definitely be marrying someone else as your official wife. This wife will be the one who will stay with you throughout your entire life. Therefore, you shouldn't skip all the necessary formalities and traditions as it is a form of respect to your wife. For example, you should have a grand wedding, prepare a proper phoenix headgear and red cloud cape for her and not let her do it herself... Even if you hate the color, do it for your wife..."

    "Do you care about all these?"

    "Of course I wouldn't, but your future wife will. You will understand when you meet the right one whom you love and marry. You will be worried about whether she'll feel indignant or have grievances, and you will do everything to your best ability to prevent that... Alright, it's really getting late, I have to rest now." Ning Xuemo greeted and gestured to him before leaving.

    When she was near the exit, he added, "Then you don't have to prepare the bridal wear."

    Ning Xuemo paused, "Sure."

    It looked like he finally understood that the bridal wear would only be worn if it was a potential wife candidate. And this was not something required of her who was a concubine to do...

    However, due to some unknown reasons, her heart felt slightly uncomfortable.

    Just when he was about to leave his courtyard, he spoke again, "Tomorrow noon will be my inauguration ceremony as the Heavenly Master, you may like to come and join us."

    Ning Xuemo acknowledged it casually and left.

    This Heavenly Master ceremony seemed fun and exciting.

    But it was also a good opportunity to escape, she had to take this chance.


    When she was about to change attires and sleep in her own room, she noticed something, and turned around sharply, "Who is it?"

    The window opened by itself, and a person jumped inside.

    Even in the dark, the silhouette of this person was very familiar.

    Xi Jue!

    He was wearing the same attire as he did when he was doing guard duties at the Hou Residence, and it made him look astute and valiant.

    Ning Xuemo did not expect him to come back, especially when it was already so late into the night.

    Should he not be back at the Bright King family clan already?

    "Xi Jue, why are you here? And with that attire, I'm afraid that my place is too humble to accommodate such an honorable figure as yourself. You should have just sent a messenger to inform me of your arrival, and I would be gladly receive you grandly..."

    Ning Xuemo was half joking about it.

    And as for this youngster, she had a good impression of him, and looking at him, it reminded her of her own brother.

    "I couldn't come in my formal attire." Xi Jue was in all black as if it was a shadow casted.

    "Ah? It can't be? The entrance here was not locked and you could enter as you wish."

    "You're right, the door wasn't locked, but there was also no other way to reach the Ning Residence other than the main road, as nobody, including the officials, are permitted to enter the place. It was said that because Heavenly Master appreciates peace and quiet, hence he politely refused all of their visits. Moreover, he was staying at your place, so...."

    Ning Xuemo was speechless as she neglected this problem.

    And during all this time, Ning residence was going through tough times.


    And Xi Jue appears... Knight in shining armor? Here to rescue Ning Xuemo from the evil clutches of the drag - er, Han Shanyue?

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