Chapter 423 : Late Night Rendezvous

    Chapter 423 : Late Night Rendezvous

    "If he was merely a useless person, then how many times would the people secretly targeting him have already tried attacking? How could he still be alive today?!"

    Xi Jue said, "You mean that he has some secret powers next to him? But why have I never seen them?"

    Ning Xuemo nodded her head and said, "Must be! And they must be incredibly powerful! Otherwise, they couldn't be this mysterious and not leave behind a single trace. I believe that there are a lot of factions that oppose him, but they were all suppressed by his forces. This is why people are so fearful and respectful to him."

    Xi Jue clenched his fist slightly. Bright King Clan's elders had all already said the same thing.

    Ning Xuemo continued her analysis, "Also, this person has a natural aura of respect and dignity. You could tell with just one look that he's a leader, not a regular fortune-teller or painter."

    In her previous life, she had also met many famous artists. They had an arrogant air about them, but that was the natural arrogance of them, who believed themselves to be culturally advanced. It was not like Han Shanyue's aura at all...

    Ning Xuemo believed that even Obama or George Bush could not have this type of aura! This loftiness was not something that could be bought or cultivated, but rather, it was inborn! This type of grandeur that came from the bones was what was actually scary and these types of people generally had lots of power backing them up.

    In her previous life, she had once met a mafia boss who had a similar kind of aura. However, compared with Han Shanyue, there was a huge discrepancy!

    This person's identity was definitely not low!

    Xi Jue paused for a moment. "Leader? Then what would be his other identity? On this continent, I've seen all the leaders of every major power many times. I've never seen or heard any person like him..."

    Ning Xuemo lightly said four words, "What about the Ancestor?"

    Xi Jue stared foolishly at her for a second before immediately shaking his head. "Definitely not! What type of status is the Ancestor? Why would he come to Vast Sky Empire to be an insignificant Heavenly Teacher? This type of status isn't even worthy of wiping his feet!" Looking at Ning Xuemo, he wanted to continue to speak, but stopped.

    Ning Xuemo knew that the rest of his words would not be good, but still needed to hear the rest of it so that she could better determine how to handle this situation. Therefore, she stared at him. "Just say what you want to say! Don't hum and haw; it isn't manly!"

    Xi Jue was stimulated by her "it's not manly" phrase and immediately continued his train of thought, "The Ancestor's position isn't just a normal type of respectful status. And he had never had any feelings of emotions or love. He had never had any interactions with any girls. Even those girls that follow him on his tours are merely there to act as pretty adornments. He had never spoken to them more than three phrases in the years they had been with him. Do you know what status those girls have?"

    Ning Xuemo had never heard of this and shook her head slightly. "What type of identity? At m the geniuses of countries..."

    Xi Jue shook his head and sighed. "Not that simple. Some of the girls are, of course, psychokinesis geniuses. Others have very high statuses. For instance, Nangong family's legitimate daughter, Heavenly Joy Sect leader's daughter, and even our Bright King clan had sent someone, my half-sister. Even the Imperial Family sent a princess..."

    Ning Xuemo blinked. "So it turns out that so many sects and countries all sent spies to follow him... This is also good. By sending people to follow him, you'll be able to know his path of travel more easily."


    I don't think that's the only idea that the families had in mind when they sent the girls to the Ancestor...

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