Chapter 425 : Bathroom Escape

    Chapter 425 : Bathroom Escape

    "It's not him?" Ning Xuemo dropped her eyes and contemplated. It seemed that it indeed was not. Even though these two people had the same type of aura, the Ancestor's seemed colder, even during the summer. As for Han Shanyue, his was not as stern. Even more, the Ancestor had black eyes but Han Shanyue had dark blue eyes... He couldn't be like the people from modern times wearing cosmetic contact lenses, right?!

    Then who are the powers backing Han Shanyue? This mysterious, this strong; it seemed as though even the best sects and factions in the world could not compete against him.

    Why would he deliberately ask to marry her? She really could not understand what would make her so interesting to him...

    Just as she was thinking, Xi Jue unexpectedly grabbed her hand again, his voice slightly panicked as he said, "Don't dwell on these thoughts for now. Take advantage of tonight and come with me!"

    Go with him? If she went with him, she would only drag him down! He was the Bright King Clan's heir, not the powerful head of the Bright King clan. He had a warm and considerate heart, yet had no power to back up his words...

    If she was to go with him, not only would she make him lose status in his clan, but both the Bright King clan and the Vast Sky Empire would chase after her!

    The Bright King clan definitely would not willingly accept their heir being with a girl dubbed the "bringer of bad luck"...

    Her situation would become even more dangerous and the pressure would become even more intense...

    "Xi Jue, how did you ditch your bodyguards?" Ning Xuemo suddenly asked a question out of the blue.

    Xi Jue answered instantly, "It's not hard to get rid of them. This prince only had to use the excuse of going to the bathroom..." Suddenly, he seemed to detect something and wrinkled his forehead as he asked, "Xuemo, why are you asking this?"'

    Ning Xuemo sighed. "Does your Bright King clan know that you've came to find me?"

    "This..." Xi Jue was not used to telling lies. He was at a loss for words before finally saying, "This master doesn't need to tell them everything! They're only bodyguards."

    "But they represent your parents! They follow your parents' commands! Sorry, Xi Jue, but I can't drag you down. I can't go with you!" Ning Xuemo retracted her hands from his, retreated a step, and sat down on the stool behind her.

    Xi Jue panicked. "What do you mean by dragging me down? This master is not afraid! Come with me! Could it be that you really want to get married to that tyrannical man?" He walked forward, wanting to grab her again.

    Whoosh! A flash of red light came into the room from the outside, brushing the top of Xi Jue's finger as it flew by, hitting the tea cup on the table. With a bang, the tea that Ning Xuemo poured for Xi Jue splattered everywhere and the teacup shattered.

    Xi Jue was surprised and subconsciously went to investigate, only to discover that the thing that shattered the teacup was a tender leaf, fluttering and trembling on the table top like a butterfly.

    "Who?! Who is it that's trespassing on Miss Ning's residence?!" Xi Jue reverted back to his bodyguard persona, seeming to forget his identity. With a flash of his body, he had already left the room.

    Ning Xuemo's face, on the other hand, changed as she quickly raced after him.

    In the corner of her residence, there was a maple tree. Since it was already autumn, the leaves were bright red, like fire.

    And sitting on one of the maple tree's thin branches was a man dressed in moon white clothes. His hair billowed in the wind like inky satin, his clothes fluttered like clouds, and his hands were like jade. That glorious maple tree suddenly seemed like a backdrop, and the moon and stars were circling around him.

    Han Shanyue!

    Xi Jue looked at him and his complexion slightly changed. "It's so late, yet why did Master Han come to Miss Ning's bedroom instead of sleeping?"


    I feel like Xi Jue is such a hypocrite. He says "Who is it that's trespassing on Miss Ning's residence" when he himself IS a trespasser. Well, adorably cute hypocrite, anyways.

    I really want to photoshop a picture of some ancient Chinese guy (Ibuki Satsuki draws them really nicely) as Han Shanyue onto a fat sheep (and then pin it to a dartboard). If anyone is up to do that... send them to [email protected]! I would love to see some fan art, and I'm sure Han Shanyue would "love it" too~

    I would rather be able to fly than be invisible, mostly because of one reason : I'm lazy and I can avoid traffic (not that I can drive) and sleep in during the school week. Well, this is assuming that seeing a flying human isn't a special, research-worthy event. I mean, I don't want to be dissected in a lab...

    What's your favorite thing that you ever did in Biology class? Or anatomy class? Or something like that?
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