Chapter 426 : Go Hug Your Sister!

    Chapter 426 : Go Hug Your Sister!

    Han Shanyue indifferently shot Xi Jue a glance but did not pay attention to him. His gaze landed on Ning Xuemo. "Come over here!"

    Ning Xuemo frowned, but she did not move. "Master Han, your residence is right next door. You seemed to have gone to the wrong place."

    Han Shanyue showed a smile that was not a smile on his face as he stared at her. "You're my future concubine. Other men can come into your bedroom, but I can't?"

    His words seemed to poke fun at her, yet they still carried a tinge of coldness.

    Ning Xuemo's heart sank. Even though Han Shanyue's expression did not change, she felt as though this guy was angry...

    When this guy did not move, he was like a peaceful ocean. When he did, he was like a thunderstorm!

    Then Xi Jue...

    She immediately blocked Xi Jue from Han Shanyue's view. "He's my bodyguard not some random guy!"

    Han Shanyue looked at her as she stood in front of Xi Jue like a protective mother hen. His eyes became even darker, but his voice did not change as he said, "Bodyguard? Is he still you're bodyguard?"

    "No... not anymore..." Ning Xuemo sighed and was prepared to explain.

    However, Xi Jue suddenly opened his mouth from behind her, "As long as Xuemo agrees, I can still be her bodyguard now!"

    Han Shanyue's seemed to have some profound emotion as he said, "You're willing to be her bodyguard? This master can let you be her bodyguard forever..."

    The jade flute in his hand slowly started spinning, and a ball of white light condensed on top of the flute...

    Ning Xuemo's complexion changed.

    She knew of Han Shanyue's abilities. Even a hundred Xi Jues still would not be enough to counter him!

    And his words seemed to be somewhat malicious. If he did something, perhaps Xi Jue would never be able to leave this courtyard again!

    In her panic, she leapt towards Han Shanyue.

    She directly jumped onto the branch below him, reaching for his jade flute. "We're only friends. There's nothing else!"

    Her pounce was in the position so that Han Shanyue's attack will hit her, making it impossible for him to attack.

    Han Shanyue's eyes flashed slightly, and his arm rose. Ning Xuemo did not manage to grab onto his jade flute but rather the belt around his waist.

    In this instant, the soft branch underneath his foot could not sustain the sudden weight of a second person, and with a crack, their bodies instantly started falling!

    Reflexively, Ning Xuemo hugged onto Han Shanyue's waist.

    Han Shanyue wrapped his arms around her, spun his body around, and jumped onto a different tree branch.

    His body emitted a soft fragrance, as intoxicating as the scent of flowers.

    When Ning Xuemo managed to react, she discovered that not only was she hugging his waist, but her head was also pressed to his chest.

    She could even hear his heart beating!

    She subconsciously raised her head, looking directly into a pair of eyes that were as deep as the ocean.

    He lowered his eyes to look at her. What seemed to be a smile flashed across his lips. "Just now, I wanted you to come, and you didn't come. Now, you're throwing yourself into my arms?"

    Go hug your younger sister!*

    Ning Xuemo came back to her senses and quickly released him, wanting to retreat to another branch.

    However, Han Shanyue's arm tightened. Her body could only sprawl across his chest again. Her nose hit his chest, making it hurt.

    She angrily raised her head, wanting to reprimand him, when Han Shanyue who stared at her with serene eyes said, "It's rare to see you so warm and welcoming."

    He suddenly lowered his head, and the light smell of his sandalwood-like breath came closer. In front of Ning Xuemo's eyes, his lips lightly kissed hers.

    *It's somewhat of a swear, I guess. It's like how in some cultures people say "your mother" and stuff.


    Han Shanyue, don't be too arrogant. Who wants to hug an ice cube that's mean like you? *sticks nose in air and chases after a certain Little Bun... And maybe Big Bun...*

    Speaking of buns, I have this page of reading recommendations on my website right here and it currently lists everything that I have read or am currently reading. If any of you guys don't see a book on their that you guys think I should read, please tell me! #desperateformorestufftoread

    I really want to photoshop a picture of some ancient Chinese guy (Ibuki Satsuki draws them really nicely) as Han Shanyue onto a fat sheep (and then pin it to a dartboard). If anyone is up to doing a drawing of Han Shanyue x Fat White Sheep, send them to [email protected]! I would love to see some fan art, and I'm sure Han Shanyue would "love it" too~
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