Chapter 437 : Not An Ordinary Prick

    Chapter 437 : Not An Ordinary Prick

    Ning Xuemo had heard before that this place was once an Imperial garden. Han Shanyue had personally selected this place, and it was changed to match his style preferences.

    Ning Xuemo did not know what this place looked like before, but looking at the Heavenly Teacher Residence now, four words came to mind - beautiful, secluded, and historically elegant.

    Especially the three words "Heavenly Teacher Residence" which were simple and unadorned.

    Ning Xuemo could not help but look at Han Shanyue. Wasn't this guy a painter? Painters were usually talented in calligraphy as well. Why did he not write his own residence's name in calligraphy?

    Han Shanyue and Ning Xuemo entered the Heavenly Teacher Residence. The others waited respectfully outside the doors.

    Ning Xuemo felt that this Master Han was not an ordinary prick. It was only taking a bath and changing clothes. He could do it in Jingyuan Manor. Why did he have to come to the Heavenly Teacher Residence?

    True, his Heavenly Teacher Residence was more than double the size of Jingyuan Manor and the elegant architecture of the residence was more fitting for someone of his standing. There was even a hot spring...

    Wait a minute... Weren't hot springs very rare in the Vast Sky Empire? Only the Crown Prince Residence had one. How come there was another one here?

    And this one was bigger than the one in the Crown Prince Residence!

    The Crown Prince's one was like a big bathtub, but this was was like a small pool. It was even in the shape of a hulu gourd.

    Once Ning Xuemo saw the hot spring, Han Shanyue had already finished bathing and was dressed in a new robe.

    His robe and other regular Daoist priest robes were different. It was as white as silver, without any embroidery. The sleeves were big and the bottom of the robe dragged on the floor. There were no fancy designs on the lapels and the only adornment was a piece of obsidian embedded in the collar. It fastened his collar tightly, giving others a feeling of self-restraint.

    His body was tall and elegant and his black hair leisurely fell over his shoulders. As he walked, strands would billow behind him.

    Maple trees were on both sides of the hot spring. Since it was autumn, the leaves were like fire. When the wind blew, the fiery leaves fell and danced along in the air and on the ground, as if they were following his footsteps. However, not a single leaf touched his body, as if they were scared of tarnishing his purity...

    Ning Xuemo could not help but hold her breath.

    No wonder why people from the ancient times made a phrase called "capable of causing the downfall of a city." This person really had that capability!

    It made her, a girl who did not like pretty boys, have a pounding heartbeat when she saw him!

    He sat down on a nearby jade stool and gestured towards her. "Come over here."

    His posture was leisurely, yet had a hint of demonic charm. Ning Xuemo looked at him but still obediently went over. "For what?"

    "Aren't you here to come this Master's hair?" Han Shanyue produced a simple wooden comb from out of nowhere and gave it to her. "Let this Master see your talents."

    Ning Xuemo was a little troubled. She had never combed anyone else's hair before.

    And her personality was very lazy and did not like trouble. In her past life, her hair was cut short.

    If there was some sort of event, her maids would help her make some sort of hairstyle.

    In this time period, she had only learned two or three different hairstyles, and they were all suitable for only those who lived in the wild.

    She could not even manage her own hair. Now, letting her do the hair of the great Heavenly Teacher Han Shanyue, was a little nerve-racking.

    "Teacher, it's better for you to comb it. I can't do it well." Ning Xuemo did not take the comb.

    Han Shanyue looked at her. "No need to be modest. A topknot is fine."


    A no is a no, Han Shanyue. Can't you take a no? Or is it because you've never faced a rejection before?

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