Chapter 442 : Beautiful Young Girl

    Chapter 442 : Beautiful Young Girl

    Before Ning Xuemo entered the water, her height was around 1.6 meters and in just 2 hours in the water, she grew about 5 or 6 cm. Currently, she was at 1.66 meters.

    Her bun-sized breasts grew tremendously and if she were to wear her previous clothes, not only would it be too short, her chest would also be suffocating...

    Anyhow, it was just a bath and it actually... made such drastic changes to her body.

    Ning Xuemo stood in her initial position, stunned.

    Obviously, that set of clothes did not fit her anymore. Moreover, the moment she entered the Heavenly Teacher Residence, Han Shanyue led her to the hot spring and she had completely no clue what kind of setup he had planned for her.

    Where on earth could she find clothes?

    She was not sure if the Heavenly Teacher Residence had prepared any female clothings.

    Ning Xuemo glanced her surroundings before landing her sight on that small wardrobe in the corner.

    The jade wardrobe blended in well with the stone tables and chairs; hence, if she did not look closely, she would have mistaken it as a jade ornament.

    There was a white cloth sticking out of the wardrobe. Thanking the heavens for blessing her, she ran towards the wardrobe.

    Although the small wardrobe looked ordinary on the outside, Ning Xuemo knew that it had an extremely complex mechanism to it.

    It did not matter whether or not she was able to solve it, she only feared that any misjudgement would activate some kind of traps that would instantly shoot arrows at her.

    Ning Xuemo was not hasty when unlocking this wardrobe, but she encircled it several times, knocking it and checking it out once in a while.

    Afterwards, after coming into contact with her fingers a dozen times, the jaded wardrobe lit up instantly.

    Finally, with a last touch of her finger, the jaded wardrobe automatically opened and slowly a piece of clothing appeared.

    The dress was soft to the touch, just like the silk. The design of the dress was simple but stylish and whoever wore it would look elegant and graceful just like the wind.

    Upon wearing the dress, Ning Xuemo was dumbfounded.

    This dress fitted her perfectly! It was as though it was tailored to her size.

    Evidently, this clothes was prepared for Ning Xuemo by Han Shanyue as he had mentioned previously about her figure after bathing...

    This person was indeed extremely astute!

    Ning Xuemo then looked at her rather spectacular bosoms and suddenly, she had a thought!

    Her current body should not be that of a thirteen year old girl, right?

    Clearly... clearly, this was that of a beautiful young lady!

    Did the water from the hot springs have maturing properties?

    Hence, if she were to soak in it for a few more times, would she have become an old woman who had past her prime?

    There was an interesting mirror on the stone table. It belonged to Han Shanyue who did not take it with him which saved Ning Xuemo the troubles. She then looked at herself through the mirror and almost dropped it to the ground!

    The mirror showed her appearance, which was identical to what she looked like in her previous life.

    It turned out that her looks from her previous incarnation had some resemblance to that of her current. It was as though her current appearance was a miniature version of her previous.

    And now, it was exactly the same!

    She had round eyes, a pointy nose and a mouth as small as a cherry blossom petal. Her slight smile was innocent yet had a seductive charm.

    The only difference was that her previous reincarnation did not have a bean sized coral snowflake cinnabar mark in between the eyebrows, and her skin was never as good as now.

    Even though her skin used to be soft too, but she occasionally had some acnes, and her cheeks had harmless little freckles. However, now she had none of those flaws.

    Her skin was as good as jade and it was so soft that it looked like it would break. Moreover, as she had just had a bath, her cheeks had a little flush and her skin was smoother than that of a baby's.


    Ning Xuemo, I really want your skin right now... Like, seriously want it... And maybe your height too...

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