Chapter 448 : This Old Man Has A Treasure to Offer

    Chapter 448 : This Old Man Has A Treasure to Offer

    The number of girls present were too numerous to count. Also, many of them were gorgeous beauties. However, compared to this young girl, even the most beautiful would be put to shame!

    Her fine black hair perfectly framed her face and her eyebrows enhanced the beauty of her eyes. With her pure and elegant bearing, she looked like an immortal that was untouched by anything dirty in the world.

    Even more amazing was that a faint mist surrounded this girl. People who saw it cried out, "Earth Rank Seventh Level! She's already cultivated to Earth Rank Seventh Level!" Their words were filled with disbelief.

    Only cultivators who reached Earth Rank Seventh Level would have a layer of mist around them.

    Even the Ji Yunhuang, who was heralded as a cultivating genius, had only reached Earth Rank Fourth Level.

    And this young girl looked like she had just reached marriageable age. How could she be so powerful?

    Who was she? Who was she? When did the continent have such a genius?

    Numerous people stared at the young girl, their minds filled with questions. Moreover, no one knew why these two people appeared here.

    The horse carriage slowed down. The child manning the carriage decided to go forward to ask why the two were blocking the road.

    The old man cupped his hands in greeting towards the horse carriage. "Is Master Han in the carriage? Master of the Tianqing Family requests an audience."

    Oh my god! Tianqing family! The name traveled through the crowd.

    The Tianqing family was this continent's second biggest family. The prestige was not any less than the Bright King Residence.

    It was also an inherited title. Even though it's fame was slightly less than the Bright King Residence, people respected it more.

    The reason was because the Tianqing family had a lot of apothecaries and doctors!

    In modern times, they would be considered a godly medical family. In this world, the number of doctors was already low. Those who could be called godly doctors were even rarer.

    But almost everyone in the Tianqing family practiced medicine and they were all geniuses! They had a secret medicine that was rumored to be able to bring dead people back to life....

    When Ji Yunhuang had been hurt badly, Emperor Le Xuan had tried to go to the Tianqing family to get help. However, the Tianqing family residence was far from the Vast Sky Empire. Therefore, before the envoy reached the Tianqing family, Ning Xuemo had already healed Ji Yunhuang...

    Doctors were people that no one could afford to offend. Naturally, no one dared to offend the Tianqing family.

    Normally, when the Tianqing family casually sent a servant out to other countries, they would be treated like noble guests.

    And this time, it was actually the rarely-seen Master of the Tianqing Family who personally came out! Then the girl by his side... Her origins must also be out of the ordinary, right?

    Also, this Master Han was too amazing! The Master of the Tianqing family was this respectful to him.... Normally, he was always so proud and arrogant.

    "What?" Han Shanyue's indifferent voice traveled out of the carriage.

    "Master Han, would it be troubling to come out? This old man has a treasure to offer." The Master of the Tianqing Family was still bowing.

    The face of the young girl by his side flushed slightly and her lips pursed tightly, as if she was both embarrassed and angry. Beautiful girls trying to contain their anger were adorable in the eyes of people. It was unknown how many guys present were dazed as they looked at her.

    The treasure the Master of the Tianqing Family was personally offering must be amazing!

    The crowd looked at the empty hands of the man, then looked at the girl by his side. Some of the smarter ones immediately saw the link.

    Could it be that he wanted to offer this young girl as tribute to the Heavenly Teacher?


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