Chapter 449 : Cultivation-Boosting Weapon

    Chapter 449 : Cultivation-Boosting Weapon

    His popularity with women was extraordinary!

    However, the Heavenly Teacher had no desire for women, right? In the past years, he had only requested to marry once. Moreover, the girl he had requested to marry was the Heavenly Calamitous Lonely Star, Ning Xuemo.

    Nonetheless, the young girl before him was beyond stunning. She had a charm that men could not resist.

    Although the Heavenly Teacher had just agreed to marry Ning Xuemo, having another concubine is not unreasonable.

    The gossiping crowd furiously eyed the sealed horse carriage.

    "It would be inconvenient." The crowd hadn't expected this sort of response. Following this, he commanded the child manning the carriage to continue driving.

    The Head of the Tianqing Family stood there in a dazed manner. He would never have expected this sort of response. After a short pause, he quickly stepped to the side and allowed the horse carriage to pass, not daring to continue blocking its way.

    However, the Head of the Tianqing Family refused to give up and began speaking once again, "Master Han, this is simply a gesture of gratitude from this old man. This old man hasn't forgotten the time Master Han had saved me. This gift is something that this old man had prepared for Master. This old master raised her for eighteen years and only today was she deemed presentable..."

    From his words, the crowd knew what the "gift" that the man was talking about was. The young girl's face became even redder and she bit her lips even harder, turning them from red to white.

    Emperor Le Xuan also heard about this situation and hurried over with the Crown Prince.

    Initially, Emperor Le Xuan did not have a good expression on his face. He had heard from the imperial bodyguards that the Head of the Tianqing Family had come from far away to give Han Shanyue a present, which made him feel slightly worried. If the present was really precious, then Master Han, which he only managed to invite with great difficulty, might be taken away by the Tianqing Family.

    When he came closer and heard that the gift was simply a token of gratitude, he sighed in relief.

    It was only a token of gratitude, not a covert way to bribe Han Shanyue. As long as it did not interfere with his plans, then anything was fine! Emperor Le Xuan's face finally loosened.

    He was also a sly old fox. Hearing the Head of the Tianqing Family's words, he knew that this "present" was the young girl and could not help but look at her.

    Hey, this girl's face is not inferior to Ning Xuemo's looks at all! The two of them had their own special type of beauty.

    But why was this girl carefully fostered for eighteen years? Could it be that she was specially prepared for Han Shanyue.......

    After thinking of the Tianqing Family's medical prowness, a very farfetched idea came to his head - could it be that this girl was a tool that could be used to boost men's cultivations?

    Legends had it that there was a type of girl in this world that could cultivate a special kind of skill that would turn her body into a cultivation-boosting tool.

    No matter how high or low the girl's cultivation was, once she and a male did the deed in a specific manner *cough special sex cough*, then she could help boost the cultivation of the male. It was even more effective than any pills!

    However, there were very few girls that had this physique in the world. Even Emperor Le Xuan, who had seen many beauties in his life, had only ever heard of this but never seen.

    Now, he could not help but size up the girl. If this girl really could boost a man's cultivation, then she would be suitable for his son. Maybe his son's cultivation could be reinstated or even raised beyond what it used to be.....

    He turned his eyes onto Ji Yunhuang, who stood beside him.

    These days, this little brat was even more moody and gloomy. Originally, he had been a man of few words, but now, he was so silent that it was creepy.

    He heard from the servants that this precious son of his would frequently buy alcohol in the middle of the night.

    Many times, the smell of alcohol would cling to him when he came to see his Imperial Father.


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