Chapter 452 : Do You Want to Change Clothes?

    Chapter 452 : Do You Want to Change Clothes?

    Emperor Lexuan felt as though he had won himself a golden ticket and laughed heartily, "Terrific! Both of them are truly a match made in heaven! Head of the Tianqing Family, from now onwards, we'll be in-laws! I will not allow Huang'er to mistreat your precious daughter and I've decided to grant her the title of crown consort..."

    Although Tian Xingyu was slightly disappointed, he already achieved what he wanted to do. Moreover, becoming in laws with the Emperor was an unexpected but pleasant surprise, so he was not against it entirely.

    Ji Yunhuang turned pale, he tried to voice out his opinion but he could not control what came out of his mouth.

    Furthermore, it seemed that his body was also beyond his control, as he walked slowly towards Tian Xueqing and extended his hand to her.

    Tian Xueqing became flushed as she did not how to react, so she also extended her tiny hands and reached out to his.

    Ji Yunhuang could not help but to hold her hand. Her tiny hand was soft, smooth and warm, yet his heart remained cold.

    In the presence of everybody, it had seemed that he was also agreeable to this marriage and there was no chance to regret...

    Xuemo! Xuemo! Could it be that we are not fated to be together?

    The people then saw Han Shanyue's carriage off with utmost respect.

    Meanwhile in the carriage, the musical note charm lit up once again at Han Shanyue's fingertip

    "Master, what do you have for me?" It was the same voice that stalked Ning Xuemo just now.

    Han Shanyue was silent for a moment before he spoke, "Did she ever halt since her departure? Did she even turn back for a moment?"

    The person on the other end of the charm was puzzled for a while for he was not sure why his master asked that of him but he reported back immediately, "No, Master. She left the city and never looked back. I reckoned that there wasn't anyone else meeting her."

    Master must have thought that she might have travelling buddies. That was his guess.

    The communication was on hold for a moment. The voice had no idea what his master was plotting so he tried asking him, "Master, do you need me to follow her and find out?"

    "There is no need to!" Han Shanyue's voice turned cold.

    He then turned off the charm and the carriage was filled with silence.

    Suddenly, a set of red bridal clothes appeared out of nowhere on his knees. The clothes were so high quality that it seemed to be made from the heavens. It was soft, silky and sparkled in the carriage. There was also a phoenix headdress that was so exquisite and grand that the pigeon-egg sized pearl alone was priceless!

    His fingers gently brushed across the bridal dress, his expression suddenly turned dull and his fingertips emitting a bright light.

    Then that priceless set of bridal clothes and headdress turned into dust in the next second...


    The sun started to set. Ning Xuemo took a break on a boulder along the road.

    The little qilin remained in his horse form, his expressions looking as if he had gotten into trouble as his head hung low. He also glanced at Ning Xuemo's gown from time to time....

    Her gown had a huge patch of red stain, and it was very obvious to the eye.

    This time although she was successful in her escape, she feared that Han Shanyue might send men to capture her, hence, she disguised herself as a man.

    To make her appearance more convincing, she even befriended a male travelling companion along the way, and even made sure they were familiar with each other first before leaving the city.

    Once it was a safe distance away from the city, Ning Xuemo made up an excuse to part way with her travelling companion and then rode the little qilin away quickly.

    However, when Ning Xuemo was leaving the city, she felt a constant presence that was following her...


    Poor Han Shanyue. I usually never feel bad for him, but this part actually made me kind of sad...

    If anyone is up to doing a drawing of Han Shanyue as a fat white sheep, send them to [email protected]! I would love to see some fan art, and I'm sure Han Shanyue would "love it" too~

    Life has been kind of hectic for me... AP exams are right around the corner, March and April are music and math competition season, and I've had to figure out my summer plans... But most of that is settled now :D.

    Are you a Ji Yunhuang person, a Han Shanyue person, or a "Ning Xuemo Be Independent and Single!" person?
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