Chapter 1 – A young and cute girl’s transmigration

    Chapter 1 - A young and cute girl's transmigration

    On a cloudless day, the scorching sunlight shining down was like a fire roasting Mother Earth.

    In the middle of the blue-stoned paved public square, there was a big and tall iron cage. Crouched in the iron cage, there was a little girl with fine black hair covering her face. She wasn't moving even when her blood was dripping down from her body until it formed a pool of blood.

    "Did she die?"

    "She deserves to be beat to death. That girl should feel ashamed, if not, it will turn very unsightly in a while!"

    "It seems like she really did take in a lover. If that wasn't the case, it's unlikely she would commit suicide out of a guilty conscience. An easy death like this is truly too convenient for that kind of slut!"

    "You're right! That slut absolutely don't know the meaning of being ashamed. The noble and righteous Sixth Prince knew that she was a waste of resources with no father and mother and he still agreed to marry her and let her becomes an imperial concubine. As to speak, this is the biggest grace someone like her could have. Unexpectedly, she still committed adultery. It truly made Marquis Ning lose all his face!"

    "It's a pity we can't see them examine her chastity and watch that slut get tear to shreds."

    The buzzing of the discussion sounded like a thousands flies flying around.

    'So noisy! Noisy to death!'

    Ning Xuemo woke up all dizzy from hearing the downpour of all kinds of insults. Not only did the noise made her head hurt, but it also hurt her sensitive mind.

    Which bastards dare to disturb her sleep?! They were truly tired of living!

    "All of you, shut up! If you disturb me once more, I'll let all of you go drink tea with King Yama!" She inclined her head while shouting loudly.

    It must be those subordinates of her. If she didn't poison them for several days, they would dare to tease her again! However, she seriously had a lot of difficulty breathing.

    When the shout resounded, the surroundings got quiet as expected!

    Ning Xuemo lightly curved the corner of her mouth. 'As expected, this trick is still efficacious.' After all, she was the secret service's old-timer and not some phoney. When she got somewhat furious, they would automatically become well-behaved like little chicks.

    'EH?! Something is wrong!' Her voice...

    How come her voice was awfully hoarse? Her throat was painfully burning as if she just swallowed half a kilogram of sand.

    "She's alive!"

    "She wasn't dead! Unexpectedly, that slut didn't die!"

    "Oh! It looks like even this bitch is reluctant to die."

    "So, she can still curse people! Who does she think she is, huh?!"

    "..." All of a sudden, the quiet surroundings started hurling insults.

    Ning Xuemo's body stiffened. Finally, she opened her eyes and slowly lifted her head. She remained calm and collected while sweeping a look all around her. In the blink of an eye, she already understood her unfavorable situation.

    In the hot weather, her cage was surrounded by three rows of people enjoying to watch the bustling scene. These people were dressed like commoners that could be seen in whichever historical drama on television. Every one of their face was filled with excitement at the possibility of enjoying a good show like they were on steroids.

    She was like a monkey in a zoo, captive in a burning hot iron cage, surrounded and watched by these people.

    'What is going on?' She clearly was sleeping at home. How did she arrive to this place when she open her eyes?

    Ning Xuemo was somewhat dumbfounded as she kept looking at her surroundings. She couldn't help but raised her hand to massage her head and, then, felt the sticky blood.

    Her vision abruptly focused on her small hand.

    Her hand was very small, pale and delicate with thin callus inside the palm. Her fingernails appeared to have an unhealthy light blue-colored.
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