Chapter 12 – Memeda!

    Chapter 12 - Memeda!

    Important note : Pinyin are used instead of translating the title because of chapter 13.

    Memeda () is a chinese internet slang similar to xoxo.

    "Ning Xuemo, didn't you want to prove your innocence? Then, enter the Chastity Testing Beast's cage already!" Ji Yunhao coldly spoke.

    'This thing can really see if a woman is still a virgin or not? Is that a joke?!'

    'Taking innocent women and delivering them to that thing for examination, isn't that treating human life like grass?!'

    'A backward continent! Abnormal customs!' Ning Xuemo inwardly cursed.

    The iron cage that imprisoned her was unlocked. The boy that came with the Ancestor smiled at her with an enchanting smile. "Miss Ning, you are not regretting it, are you?"

    Ning Xuemo clenched her teeth. It didn't matter if she advanced or retreated, she was still in a situation fraught with danger! She stooped and walked out of her iron cage.

    The imperial bodyguards opened the doors of the iron cage where the Chastity Testing Beast was in.

    That iron cage door was extremely small, barely enough for a thin and weak girl to go through. Nevertheless, it was made as such so that the Chastity Testing Beast couldn't go out.

    That beast was clearly excited. The golden fur on its body was slightly erect and air was puffing out from its nose. His paws were stamping and, from time to time, it revealed its sharp claws to Ning Xuemo!

    Although Ning Xuemo was always fearless and had killed a tiger with her bare hands in her previous life, at this moment, her body's inner quality was far too lacking compared to her previous body. At most, she could do light work, but she had no power to retaliate.

    The most important point was she didn't even have any weapons, not even a stick. How was she going to fight against it?

    She looked at that thing's imposing silhouette. It clearly looked stronger than a tiger or leopard.

    If the commodity didn't have the ability of authentication and just pounced on women when met, she would be very miserable!

    She didn't transmigrate just to be a beast's food!

    She swept a look at her surroundings. It appeared that the vast crowd was encompassing the whole place around the iron cage. She absolutely had no way to escape!

    "Young girl, with me overseeing here, you better not have any other ideas! Otherwise, your death will be more miserable! Right now, if you play any tricks, the whole Ri Yue Clan will be your enemy." The Immortal boy spoke was deadly earnest as he spoke. His figure was more imposing than the Sixth Prince, Ji Yunmao. What he said gave Ning Xuemo a very bad name.

    Ning Xuemo's little mouth pursed. "Xuemo is not plotting anything in her mind, so it's improbable I can play any tricks. Under everyone's sharp eyes, it can be seen that I was accused wrongly. I will very quickly prove my innocence..."

    While she spoke, in front of the crowd, she walked around in circle. Her posture was like that of a singing celebrity surrounded by spectators, unhurried and unperturbed, with every single movement that exuded an excessively distinguish and graceful manner.

    Everyone's sights, including those rough imperial bodyguards, couldn't help, but followed her as she was indescribably attractive.

    Ji Yunmao's face darkened as he saw so many men's sight following Ning Xuemo. His mood became indescribably bad! He snorted, "Stop lingering! Don't you want to prove your innocence? Still taking your time to enter!"

    Ning Xue Mo's fingers were secretly holding two metal hairpins she had just acquired. She finally had some confidences.

    She was a special agent, her skill at stealing something under cover of an emergency was comparable to a God Thief.

    Just a moment ago while she was walking in circle, her hands had already pick a "weapon". Her skill were nimble and, unexpectedly, no one present had discover it.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to be my witnesses. If I can come out alive from inside the Chastity Testing Beast's cage, you can make sure the Sixth Prince give me the promise compensation. Memeda!" She sent a blowing kiss to the surrounding spectators and, then, turned around. She squeezed inside the Chastity Testing Beast's cage without fooling around!

    Although everyone didn't understand the meaning behind her final lines, they saw how nimble she went into the iron cage and couldn't help, but continuously cheer her on!
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