Chapter 41 – His Higness the Crown Prince

    Chapter 41 - His Higness the Crown Prince

    In this world, she had neither family nor friends. During this critical moment, no one could save her!

    Looking at Ji Yunhao's expression, even if she gave in this one time and apologised to Hu Diechang, he would still not let her off and would use any excuse to thoroughly humiliate her...

    Seeing that Ji Yunhao was raising his whip to lash at her again, her lips slowly revealed a cold smile.

    'Ji Yunhao, if I survive, I will definitely repay these lashes of yours to you tenfold someday.'

    Her gaze was freezing cold, causing Ji Yunhao's heart to shiver. At the same time, he felt an unexplainable anger and unwillingness.

    This girl used to know when to toe the line with him, used to quietly be at his side and accepted whatever he did; her heart used to hold only him...

    Now, although she kept addressing him as 'Prince' she looked at him as if she was staring at a foul-smelling piece of trash. It was clear that she no longer felt even the slightest bit of love for him!

    At this moment, contrary to belief she held a dazzling gaze. Only, it was not meant for him...

    Since that was the case, he might as well whip her to death. At the very least, she would never be able to look that brilliantly at another man. Her gaze would only belong to him, his former fiancé and no one else...

    Even if he beat her to death, he could just say it was an accident. His Imperial Father would not punish him heavily because of an orphan. At most, his salary would be docked for a few years, and he would be locked up for a few days to reflect.

    Furthermore, he could even seize the opportunity to make her his secondary wife, using the excuse that he regretted causing her death. That way, she would be his, even after death...

    Countless calculations occurred in that short period of time.

    Ji Yunhao's eyes glinted with murderous intent. Suddenly, the odd golden whip in his hand shrunk to the thickness of a gossamer. His hand lashed out, and the whip flew through the air, leaving snake-like afterimages. The whip headed straight for Ning Xuemo's neck!

    Ning Xuemo's body was aching with terrible pain and was unable to evade the attack. Since she could not dodget, she simply closed her eyes.

    Who knew that she would pathetically die today!

    Hu Diechang watched this scene with a crazed look in her eyes. She was very clear on how much force was behind Ji Yunhao's one whip lash. She hoped that Ning Xuemo's bones would be crushed, and she would die instantly.

    When Ji Yunhao's viper-like poisonous whip nearly touched Ning Xuemo's neck, all of a sudden, in front of her a faint blue light flashed , turning into a shield that protected her. When Ji Yunhao's deadly attack hit the shield, it rippled like a wave and dispersed the force. Ji Yunhao's hand trembled, and his golden whip almost flew out of his hand.

    His expression changed, and he retreated a step. "Big Brother Crown Prince!"

    A person's shadow flashed at the door. Then, Ji Yunhuang slowly entered.

    Today, he was wearing a rather low-key yet beautiful robe, and on his thumb he wore a large jade ring. On his waist hung a piece of bluish jade as clear as water. He had gentle manners, yet he also gave off an inexplicable sense of noble indifference.

    "Paying our respects to his Highness the Crown Prince!" All of the people in the teahouse knelt down, even Ji Yunhao.

    Hu Diechang's watery eyes became complicated. Naturally she kneeled too but spoke in a soft tremulous voice, "Diechang greets the Crown Prince. Your highness, I am honoured by your presence. I did not kneel and greet crown prince a bit sooner, hoping to ask for your forgiveness..."

    She could not finish her words as the crown prince did not even deign to look at her, much less accept her apology. He simply walked past her, stooping over to help Ning Xuemo who had fallen down. "Xuemo, how are you feeling?"
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