Chapter 44 – It’s Better for Her to Owe You a Favour!

    Chapter 44 - It's Better for Her to Owe You a Favour!

    Note : Xuemo is pretty foul-mouthed...

    Ning Xuemo did not answer him; instead, she wiped her hand using a brocade handkerchief, and then cupped her chin with both of her eyes smiling at Ji Yunhuang. "Is Your Highness interested in the antidote? How about I tell you how to refine it, and we can consider the debt that I owe you for saving me this time repaid?"

    Ji Yunhuang's eyes flashed, smiling slightly. "I am not interested in the formula of the antidote nor how to refine it. Miss only needs to purge out the remaining poison in your body."

    He already somewhat understood this little fox's personality.

    Although she seemed cunning and sly, she knew how to differentiate between kindness and enmity...

    She would repay people back for their help as she did not like owing anything to anyone.

    Hence, it was better that she owed him something!


    Feeling bored, Ning Xuemo turned her body away but forgot that she was injured. The movement aggravated her injury, causing her to tightly purse her lips and to issue out a slight hissing sound. At the same time, beads of sweat rolled down her forehead.

    Ji Yunhao saw that her face looked slightly pale. He knew how painful these wounds could be. Even if it was a full grown man, he would also suffer from these wounds to the point that he would at least slip out a groan.

    But this little brat could actually tolerate such immense pain. She did not even let any sounds of distress escape from her throat despite of the pain's intensity, and she could even smile.

    Just what kind of life and environment could nurture this ability to bear tremendous pain?

    He knew more or less about the matters of Marquis Ning Jingyuan's Mansion. He knew that Ning Xuemo's life these past few years had been tough, always being bullied by people.

    If she could bear all of these hardships, he did not find it odd that her character became as such. But this level of pain tolerance... It was beyond what he had expected.. This caused his heart to faintly admire her.

    Originally, he had only been interested in her medical skills as well as her strange martial arts, but now he started to feel a bit curious towards her as a person...

    To see her purse her lips to the point of turning them pale, unexpectedly made his heart ache a little.

    Heartache?! Ji Yunhuang became inwardly surprised. So he can actually feel heartache?

    He was born as a genius. Whatever he wanted to learn, he could do so easily. But, he also had his own shortcomings; he felt no emotions. Though he looked warm and welcoming like a jade, the truth was that he treated everyone the same way - always being polite to others. Even when his mother, who loved him very much, died of an illness, he did not experience any grief, heartache, or despair.

    His Imperial Father said that he was a born ruler. A ruler should be emotionless and should not be influenced by such things. Only this way could he be an iron-blooded, just, and fair ruler. Only this way could he be a good ruler.

    In his heart, he always felt a bit of regret. However, he did not think that seeing Ning Xuemo's condition today would actually make him feel something!

    This emotion was very foreign to him, and he stared at Ning Xuemo, stuck in a trance.

    Ning Xuemo had thought that the pain would only be temporary and that it would be easy to endure, until it eased. However, she did not predict that not only did the pain refuse to diminish, it instead increased: wave after wave of pain racked her small body, making her unable to relax...

    Ji Yunhuang observed that the beads of sweat on her forehead were increasing. Seemingly having thought of something, he opened his mouth and said,"Oh right. I forgot to tell you that for this kind of whip wound, if you don't take the specially prepared antidote, the pain will continue to increase with time without stopping."

    Ning Xuemo was speechless.

    Fuck! Why didn't you say so earlier! No wonder when she crushed the pill and blew the dust towards that rubbish Ji Yunhao, he was still so calm. So he was waiting for her to look for him and beg him for another one. So it was because of this reason!

    If she had known earlier, she would have eaten that pill just to ease the pain, and after she fully healed, she would go and beat his damn face until it was bloody. Doing that would allow her to release the anger and hatred in her heart, rather than just seeking momentary gratification...

    Could it be that she has to withstand the pain while concocting the antidote?

    'Mother**er!' The pain made her want to beat someone up. Her heart couldn't calm down.
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