Chapter 48 – Jealousy (3)

    Chapter 48 - Jealousy (3)

    "All these years you have injured a total of 1,248 people with your whip. Did you also personally apply the antidote for every one of them?" Ji Yunhuang spoke in a tepid tone, but it still made Ji Yunhao break out in cold sweat.

    He had not thought that his older brother, who aimed for the heavens and never got involved in mundane affairs, would have unexpectedly investigated him so thoroughly!

    He awkwardly handed the porcelain bottle over to Ji Yunhuang. "I- She was once my fiancée. It really isn't appropriate to let other people apply the medicine on for her..."

    "You already annulled your engagement to her! You have no relation to her anymore!" When Ji Yunhuang received the antidote, he abruptly turned around to leave.

    "Third Brother, little brother has something he doesn't know whether he should say or not..." Ji Yunhao still had not given up.

    "Since you don't know whether or not you should say it, don't say it then!" Ji Yunhuang was too lazy to waste words on him and started to leave with large strides.

    "Third Brother, after all she was once betrothed to me. Even if the engagement was broken, it doesn't change this fact. If Third Brother still has any intentions towards her, I fear that you would be ridiculed by the populace." Ji Yunhao merely said it all in one breath.

    Ji Yunhuang slowly turned around with no trace of emotion on his face. "What kind of intentions do I have towards her?"

    Ji Yunhao choked, but in his heart he let out a sigh of relief. Hearing his Third Brother's tone, it appeared that he did not harbor any feelings towards her...

    Ji Yunhao bowed and spoke, "This little brother spoke wrongly. Third Brother is so upright and outstanding. How could you have any intentions towards that girl, whose status ranks lower than that of a maid in your mansion. Oh! That's right! Third Brother, your little brother knows that you only pity her. But arranging her to stay in your sleeping quarters is a bit inappropriate. I think it's better for her to stay in a guest room..."

    He had not finished his sentence when Ji Yunhuang interrupted him, "Do I need you to tell me how to set her temporary living arrangements?" One sentence cause Ji Yunhao to once again choke on his words.

    Ji Yunhuang's gaze swept across the hall, lightly saying, "Who here was such a chatterbox?"

    There were four maids present in the hall. Upon hearing his question, they all knelt.

    That maid who had served the tea became so terrified that she trembled greatly, feeling her soul escaping from her body.

    "If someone doesn't confess, I will punish everyone." Ji Yunhuang spoke another eight words.

    The other three maids' eyes landed on the maid who had served tea to Ji Yunhao.

    That maid knew she could not escape this, hence she prostrated herself while begging for mercy, "Your Highness please don't be angry. This one spoke wrongly. This one admits her faults..."

    Ji Yunhuang turned to Ji Yunhao and stretched out his hand. "The Soul Breaking Whip..."

    Ji Yunhao did not dare disobey him, directly handing over the golden whip.

    "Pah! Pah! Pah!" Golden light danced in the air and three lash marks appeared on that maid's back...

    That maid was in so much pain that she rolled around on the ground, unable to refrain from withholding her cries of agony. These mournful cries caused the rest to feel fear and trepidation. The other maids who were prostrating themselves did not dare to raise their heads.

    Ji Yunhuang tossed the whip back to Ji Yunhao. "Old Sixth, she was punished because of you. You can give her the antidote, but after you do you don't need to acknowledge me as your elder brother anymore." He turned around to leave with large strides, but just as he was about to pass the doorway, he turned his head back and lightly said, "Ning Xuemo is the daughter of the deceased Marquis Jingyuan. She is to be respected. Do not compare her with a maid." When he had finished speaking, they could no longer see him.

    Ji Yunhao was just left there, which was quite embarrassing. His handsome face became slightly red.

    The maid who had been hit had lost her wits from the pain. She crawled to Ji Yunhao's feet and tried to stop him from leaving. "Prince please save me. Please give me... the antidote..."

    Ji Yunhao kicked her aside with disgust. He spoke to the butler, "I'm leaving. Please help me convey my farewell to the Crown Prince."
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