Chapter 55 – Forbidden Love (1)

    Chapter 55 - Forbidden Love (1)

    She shut her eyes and used the internal force that she had recently acquired through cultivation to attack her sealed acupuncture points.

    Relying on yourself is better than relying on other people. She had to rescue herself! First, she had to regain her ability to move!

    After all, her body's foundation proves to be too weak. The internal force that she had gathered was extremely limited in both quantity and quality. Furthermore, Ji Yunhuang had used a special method to seal her acupoints; hence, she would not be able to open them for a while.

    While she was focused on maneuvering her internal force to open her acupoints, she suddenly heard the melodious voice of a young lady drift over. "Why are you making such a ruckus at my older brother's place?"

    Lord Lu answered, "Greetings to her highness, the princess! Grand Marshal Hu's daughter died suddenly after returning to her residence today, and Ning Xuemo is the prime suspect. This one carries the Imperial Decree to arrest her, but the butler won't allow me in..."

    Although they were separated by half a courtyard, Ning Xuemo who had already focused her attention on anything Lord Lu said had heard his words very clearly. The shocking news blared inside her mind!

    'Hu Diechang died?! How can it be?' At that time, the acupoints she had hit should have only affected the fetus and Hu Diechang's fertility in the future. How could she die all of a sudden?

    The butler once again repeated his words, but this time, she heard the princess coldly chuckling. "Even if other people can't enter my older brother's, the crown prince's, sleeping quarters, I can. The Imperial Decree cannot be disobeyed; I shall help you resolve this matter this time."

    Her voice had only just died down when the door to the sleeping quarters was suddenly forced open. Ning Xuemo blinked and saw a fine-looking young lady already standing before the bed.

    She looked to be around 17-18 years of age and had a pair of phoenix eyes. Her cherry blossom colored glossy lips were lightly pursed, and her long pitch black hair was bound up into a bun with a jade hairpin accessory inserted in it. The white jade hairpin bore the shape of a white peony. She wore a moon white muslin gown and looked like a fairy. However, unlike her appearance, her aura felt powerful and immensely threatening. .

    She looked down on Ning Xuemo from above and sized  her up from head to toe. In the depths of her eyes, a sinister light quickly flitted by. "So you're Ning Xuemo? So young, yet as charming as a little vixen. I don't know what kind of underhanded means you used on my older brother to unexpectedly allow you to stay in his bedroom and sully his reputation!"

    This princess seemed very hostile towards her!

    Her gaze felt like she was looking at a love rival instead...

    Ning Xuemo's eyes narrowed slightly as she quickly went through all the information in her memories about this princess.

    This princess was called Ji Yunyao, but she had not grown up in the Imperial Palace. It was said that when the old emperor went out, he met a common woman by chance. They had a dalliance, resulting in that the woman getting pregnant. When the old emperor returned to the palace, that woman already became ten months pregnant and gave birth to a princess. It was only when the princess turned fifteen that her mother, who laid on her deathbed, told her the truth about her birth origins. Hence, she left for the capital alone to meet her relatives and acknowledge her ancestry...

    This type of dramatic backstory was somewhat like Ziwei of 'My Fair Princess'[1], just that she did not have as much of a hard time as Ziwei in looking for her relatives. On the contrary, it went rather smoothly for Ji Yunyao. She had not stayed in the capital for long before she was crowned as a rightful princess.

    The old emperor had fathered many sons but only one princess, hence she became extremely pampered and doted upon.

    Furthermore, this princess got along well with her older brothers. Of course, the one she was closest to was the crown prince. Apparently, the crown prince was rather doting towards this little sister of his. Whenever he returned to the capital, she would be like his shadow, staying close to him. The doors of the crown prince's residence remained open to her at all times...

    It seemed like the rumours were true. While other people might not be allowed to trespass into the crown prince's sleeping quarters, Ji Yunyao could casually enter it.

    Naturally, Ning Xuemo could feel that the princess harbored an abnormally strong hostility towards her.

    Ning Xuemo's eyes lowered slightly as the corner of her lips faintly lifted. It seems like the feelings of this princess towards her brother, the crown prince, were not entirely pure siblings' love...

    'Incest? Haha.'

    "What are you, a lowly commoner, laughing at? Your death is near at hand, yet you're still laughing?!" Ji Yunyao became enraged.

    [1] My Fair Princess is a historical TV series, also known as The Return of the Pearl Princess, which starred Vicki Zao as the main lead and Ruby Lin as Ziwei. It's about a tomboyish orphan girl, Xiaoyangzi, who from various events became a princess without having a drop of royal blood in her. Ziwei is her friend and the illegitimate daughter of the Emperor.
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