Chapter 80 – Inner Force

    Chapter 80 - Inner Force

    When Ji Yunhuang stepped on those coloured stones, the water's surface bubbled and gurgled. Depending on which stones he stepped on, the water bubbles could be white, colourless, or multi-coloured. "These stones represent different elements and temperatures. Currently, your body is too weak so don't step on this black stone. This green stone, on the other hand, you can step on for a bit..." Ji Yunhuang started imparting the method for using the hot spring to her.

    Black lines appeared on Ning Xuemo's forehead. It was only bathing in a hot spring, why was it as complicated as operating a machine? Wasn't it tiring?

    "You have to step on the stones according to your body's condition. Do not try to exceed the limits of your body's tolerance..." Ji Yunhuang instructed her by demonstrating  with his own body. It took about 2 minutes in total to completely teach her how to operate the hot spring.

    Ning Xuemo fought the urge to yawn as she nodded. "Fine, I got it." She was an expert surgeon, remembering these few steps were not too difficult for her.

    Only then did Ji Yunhuang come out of the pool, eyeing her with worry. "You have to remember everything I said. The moment you feel something wrong, immediately get out or call for me. I'll be waiting outside."

    Ning Xuemo had the impulse to rub her temples. It was only taking a bath; why did this crown prince act like she was going to clear a field of landmines?

    Only when she properly promised him did Ji Yunhuang leave.

    Ning Xuemo waited until he left the room and closed the door, before beginning to take off her clothes. Although this crown prince occasionally teased her, he was in fact very decent.

    He should not be peeping at a loli having a bath.

    Hot springs, here I come! It has been a while since I bathed in a hot spring.

    With a splash, she jumped into the pool, immediately feeling something amiss.

    Unexpectedly, the hot spring seemed like it had a weak electric current flowing through it. Upon entering the water, countless thin filaments of strange energy rushed towards her body and charged into it within an instant, causing her to shiver!

    Even worse was that half of those strange strands of power felt boiling hot, while the other felt  freezing cold. This resulted in half her body turning red and the other half, white...

    'This hot spring is too weird!'

    Ning Xuemo only sensed half of her blood boiling and surging, while the other half stagnated and started to congeal...

    She quickly looked down and discovered that she was standing on the black stone which Ji Yunhuang had warned her about.

    She swiftly lifted her left leg off the stone but discovered that it caused her to feel as if she stood within a boiling a pot of soup.

    Lowering her head again, she discovered that she had placed her right foot on a fiery-red stone.

    Ji Yunhuang seemed to have said something about not stepping on the red stone too...

    Her legs swiftly executed the footwork that Ji Yunhuang had taught her earlier. Only after she did that and regained her balance did she feel much more comfortable.

    She bathed in the pool for a short while before discovering the benefits of this hot spring.

    The weak current in the hot spring seemed to  flow with her blood, making it circulate a lot more smoothly. It could actually wash off more than just dust: it caused the impurities hidden in her body to surface and be excreted from her skin...

    Even more fascinating was that the temperature of the water could change as long as she stepped on a different stone. As long as she stepped on the correct stone, the water would change to a temperature that suited her current body's tolerance level. Furthermore, her body circulation automatically readjusted itself and became more lively due to the stimulation from the water's weak current.

    In these past few days, while Ning Xuemo had been taking care of her body, she also cultivated using breathing exercises she learned from her previous world to strengthen her internal organs.. No matter whether or not she had psychokinesis, strengthening her internal organs was a must! Only when her stance and forms become more nimble would she have enough ability to defend herself. .

    She knew of a training program that will reinforce her body. Although her possessed a small body, it was still a good seedling for cultivating inner force, and with hard work, she would be able to completely regain her previous life's inner force in the span of ten days. By controlling the heat in the hot spring, she was already able to regain 10-20% of her inner force. From her estimation, she would not even need a year to recover her power completely. Even if she could not act wild and unrestrained on this continent, at least she would be able to protect herself.
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