Chapter 100 – Innate Talent

    Chapter 100 - Innate Talent

    He also smiled. "Xuemo, there is no need to be polite between us." Side by side, both of them followed Emperor Le Xuan.

    Since the Emperor had left like this, all the officials also did not dare to go.

    No one paid attention to Ji Yunhao, who had just been flogged and thrown in a corner.

    Ji Yunhao already could not walk and was laid down on a wooden bench with the assistance of the imperial guards. He was staring blankly at the faraway figures of his older brother and Ning Xuemo leaving together. He tightly clenched his fingers into a fist!

    She should have been his wife, or even his concubine. But right now, they had drifted further apart, and it was no longer possible for her to return to his side...

    Unwillingness, anger, indignation... All kinds of complex emotions boiled and coiled inside his mind.

    He was really blind! It was his mistake to throw away a night pearl thinking it was trash and picking up a fish eye to bring back home believing it was a treasure...

    His insides became green from regret!

    If he could restart everything again, he would not oppress her and would choose to bind her to his side. Then, he would be the only one to make her graceful bearing bloom.

    'Could it be that I have to let go of her from now on?'

    'NO!' He was unwilling!

    A fierce look flashed by Ji Yunhao's face.

    He knew his Imperial Father had demoted him to be a commoner because he needed to respond to what happened to Hu Diechang and Ning Xuemo. His father was a tiger; though cruel, he would not devour his cubs. It was only a question of time before his father would find a reason to reinstate him as the prince.

    Should he return to his residence since it wasn't confiscated? His trusted aide also still lived there. He can still make a comeback!


    Inside the solemn and serene main hall, black and white colors were the main hues present.

    As for decorations, there were barely any. Only a crystal platform was placed in the middle of the main hall with five different colored crystal pillars set on top of it. Next to each crystal pillar, stood five tall and majestic elderly men wearing different styled robes.

    Seeing Emperor Le Xuan coming in, the five men cupped their hands in greetings at the same time. "Your Majesty!"

    They were guarding the psychokinesis crystal pillars and were not restricted by the rules of the secular world. Their gestures of respect were only given to the strong. Therefore, their greetings were much more respectful toward Ji Yunhuang as they bowed to him. "Your Highness the crown prince!"

    Ning Xuemo now understood why Emperor Le Xuan wanted to bring her here!

    It appeared that the Emperor was suspicious about her innate talent and wanted to test it again.

    She raised her head and looked at the five crystal pillars. Then, her gaze became as sharp as a knife as she sized up the five envoys guarding the crystal pillars. She made a somewhat unfavorable conjecture. If she had the same trash innate talent like before, what would be those five envoys' reactions? And what will be the Emperor's reaction?

    She let out a depressing sigh. The truth was she also did not want to be considered as trash like before, but this small body might not necessary give her what she wanted.

    "The five Elders, please measure this little girl's innate talent." Emperor Le Xuan instructed.

    The five elders glanced at Ning Xuemo doubtfully.

    In Chang Kong Country, all the children by the time they reached three years old had already taken the test for their innate talents, and clearly, this girl was much too old for that.

    They specialized in taking the measurement of innate talents of children from royalty and even for that princess of his. They never heard that he had a second princess. Could it be this was another one of his dragon seeds that he planted when he went outside during his younger days?

    "This... Is she also your Majesty's princess?" Amongst them, the elder who wore a red robe straightforwardly asked.

    Black lines appeared on Emperor Le Xuan's head. Saying it like that, it made him seemed like some kind of casanova! On this aspect, he was surprisingly quite picky!

    His dragon seeds were not so easily planted everywhere outside. Ji Yunyao was the only exception...

    "Fifth Elder, she is Ning Xuemo, the daughter of General Ning from Jingyuan Manor. She's not a princess." Ji Yunhuang timely explained.

    "A daughter from Jingyuang Manor? That trash?" The green clothed elder was clearly disdainful when he said those words.

    'Damn!' It seemed like her reputation as trash was really not small. She had certainly reached a new level never before seen by other trash...
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