Chapter 101 – The Courageous Little Girl

    Chapter 101 - The Courageous Little Girl

    Beneath the surface of her doll-like face, Ning Xuemo remained calm and collected. She absolutely did not care about this level of verbal attacks; their attacks passed through her like air.

    She smiled and took a step forward. "Unexpectedly, Xuemo's infamous reputation has fallen onto the ears of the crystal pillars' guardian Elders, who are quite busy each day with thousands of things to do. I feel honored. My physique might be determined by innate talent, but it doesn't mean I don't have any ability. Every person who works hard should receive  proper respect. To be able to become elders employed by the imperial clan, surely, all of you have also cultivated your temperaments to the peak and are not as superficial as the common folks, am I right?"

    The five Elders became speechless.

    Ning Xuemo clearly exaggerated and twisted their words of depreciation, making them unable to refute.

    Standing there, she smiled at them. Her thin lips slightly pursed into a smile that was not quite a smile. Her eyes looked as dazzling as a jewel and as limpid as the billowing water.

    So young, yet she possessed such a temperament, like a light breeze and clear moon, a noble and benevolent character.

    Standing in front of that young girl, they felt somewhat ashamed and inferior to her.

    Her words moved their hearts!

    Physique was indeed innate. Should someone born with trash physique be despised by everyone? Are they not allowed to keep on living with confidence?

    If they kept thinking like before, then what would be the difference between the Elders and the common masses?

    Normally, all five of them viewed themselves to be above average, believing that they were extraordinary and free from vulgarity. Right now hearing Ning Xuemo's words, they felt annoyed at first, but as they thought a bit about it, they felt a bit ashamed of themselves.

    They could not refrain from sizing up Ning Xuemo once again. It did not matter whether this girl held  trash ability in psychokinesis cultivation or not. She was quite remarkable!

    Just by her bearing alone, she could leave many so-called psychokinesis geniuses in the dust!

    "Miss Ning, please come forward!" A black clothed elder gestured to her with a tone now devoid of disdain.

    "Many thanks!" Ning Xuemo faintly smiled before slowly stepping forward.

    The test measures a person's innate talent according to the five elements of water, metal, earth, fire and wood.

    Ning Xuemo followed their instructions and tested each pillar.

    And as she had expected, no miracle occurred just because she was a transmigrator. After testing herself in front of the four crystal pillars, there was barely any reaction. In fact, the crystal pillars did not even shine at all.

    On this continent, there were many others who were considered trash. However, the majority of them were commoners. Even so, by pressing their palm on the crystal pillar, those people would still elicit a bit of a reaction from the pillar.

    Even amongst the commoners, there were some who can make all five crystal pillars shine , albeit weakly, but it was the first time that they saw something like Ning Xuemo's case.

    Although it did not come as a surprise, Ning Xuemo still felt a bit upset inside. It looked like her body truly was inept for psychokinesis cultivation, and it was unlikely that there would be a situation similar to those in novels where the heroines who transmigrated to another world would cause the testing devices to malfunction from their sheer power.

    Although she was somewhat disappointed, she already mentally prepared for this result. Thus, she decided not to care too much about it.

    On the other hand, Ji Yunhuang somewhat could not bear to see the final result.

    As he looked at her standing in front of the green crystal pillar, he walked toward her and stopped her hand before she touch it. "Xuemo, you don't need to test it."

    Ning Xuemo's big eyes shifted. "It's alright. When doing something, you have to do it until the end. You must not give up halfway." She pushed off his hand and took big strides towards the last crystal pillar.

    Ji Yunhuang looked at her back as his expression slightly changed.

    Not everyone could have such courage when faced with failure!

    If it was a regular girl, perhaps she would have agreed to stop and would not have pushed him away. Maybe then it would have left behind a bit of uncertainty in the minds of others and a bit of hope for herself...

    Her character deviated so much from her appearance. It did not matter if the results were good or bad; she just wanted to see the definite result with her own eyes.

    Admiration could be seen in the five Elders' eyes. 'That little girl is really courageous!'
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