Chapter 102 – The Ancestor’s Visit

    Chapter 102 - The Ancestor's Visit

    By the time Ning Xuemo put her palm on the green crystal pillar, everyone looked at the pillar with expectation. But nothing happened.

    Ning Xuemo bitterly laughed in her mind. She let go of the green crystal pillar and shrugged before walking away.

    Just when she was getting down from the tall altar, a dim green light suddenly lit up from the pillar.

    Ah? Everyone's sights were fixed on the crystal pillar. However, the light flickered and once again, the pillar returned to normal.

    Ji Yunhuang was somewhat excited and stepped forward. "Xuemo, try to test it again. Maybe you possess wood innate talent!"

    Ning Xuemo's heart stirred with hope. Once again, she pressed her right hand on the green pillar.

    At first, there was no response from the pillar, but after a moment there was a dark green light shining dimly at the bottom. The green light slowly moved up. When it moved up 2.5 centimeters, it stopped before flickering and receding like a snuffed out flame.

    Everyone was silent.

    With the crystal pillar standing one meter tall, innate talent is measured by how high the pillar lit up. Rank 1 is equivalent to 7.5 centimeters on the pillar, and for the average person, the pillar usually lit up to between 7.5 and 15 centimeters. A slightly above average individual would reach 30 centimeters, which is classified to be within the rank 3 range. At that point, he or she would be regarded as having a good innate talent.

    As for people like Ji Yunhuang who reached 50 centimeters, they were considered to be geniuses.

    Currently, Ning Xuemo who took a long time testing could only cause the pillar to shine a little, and it did not even reach rank 1.

    Emperor Le Xuan looked at Ning Xuemo with disappointment in his eyes.

    'In the end, she is still trash!' She did not deserve to be matched with his most outstanding son...

    Ji Yunhuang lightly sighed and smiled. "Congratulations, Xuemo! It looked like the crystal pillar was wrong before. You do possess wood innate talent."

    Ning Xuemo stayed there silently for a moment. She already knew her innate talent was really not enough, but compared to having a super trash ability, this outcome was a tiny bit better...

    Anyways, she did not get discouraged because of her innate talent test results. After all, didn't the pillar have a tiny reaction?

    If she painstakingly cultivated and made use of every possible means, there was still room for improvement.

    Besides, she could still develop her inner force! This body proves to be a good sapling to cultivate inner force!

    She clapped her hands and laughed in a carefree manner before replying to Ji Yunhuang's congratulations. "Thank you very much." She jumped off the altar and asked Emperor Le Xuan, "Your Majesty, do you need this humble one for something else? If not, may I return to my residence?"

    She already left for two days and one night. Right now, who knew how chaotic the situation in Marquis Jingyuan's mansion had become. She did not know how her overseas friend the Chastity Testing Beast, Tom, who could only communicate by roaring, was fairing with her absence...

    Emperor Le Xuan still did not say anything, but Ji Yunhuang who leapt down from the altar went beside Ning Xuemo and said, "Xuemo, I'll send you back."

    Emperor Le Xuan remained still as he looked at his son and then, watched Ning Xuemo. His brows slightly creased. His son seemed to be abnormally concerned about this little girl...

    'This is definitely a bad sign!'

    He must think of another way to thoroughly dispel his son's thoughts about this girl!

    His son was so outstanding. He had to be matched with the best and most perfect woman. Ning Xuemo clearly did not meet the standards.

    What other methods should he use to separate them?

    After all, she was still Marquis Jingyuan's daughter. He cannot let the matter escalate once again.

    While he schemed the perfect plan inside his mind, on the surface, he appeared calm. Suddenly, the eunuch in charge of the whole inner court's logistics and who always looked unperturbed even if Mount Tai collapsed in front of him, hurriedly ran inside the main hall. He was in such a hurry that he nearly stumbled at the doorstep!

    Using many moves to steady himself, he reported to Emperor Le Xuan with agitation, "Your Majesty, the Ancestor... The Ancestor is coming to visit us!"
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