Chapter 103 – The Ancestor

    Chapter 103 - The Ancestor

    Looking flustered, he tried to steady himself, and with an agitated tone he reported to Emperor Le Xuan, "Your Majesty, the Ancestor... The Ancestor is coming to visit us!"

    'This matter is huge!'

    Emperor Le Xuan abruptly turned around and walked out in big strides. "Send these orders out! The roads need to be sprinkled with clean water. There must be fresh flowers displayed along the way. Everything must be arranged to respectfully welcome the Ancestor's arrival!"

    He hurriedly took two large steps before he turned his head back and gave orders to Ji Yunhuang and Ning Xuemo. "You two follow me to welcome the Ancestor!"

    Ning Xuemo stayed silent. Ji Yunhuang also did the same. 'Why on earth did the Emperor order her to do that?'

    'Welcoming the Ancestor... Is that not an important political affair that only a senior official with qualifications could do it?'

    Ordering her, a common little girl, to welcome the Ancestor?

    She really wanted to return to her mansion to rest, but now she had to go welcome an old fart...

    However, the Emperor had already sent out the order. Currently, she was too weak to go against him. She could only follow him despite her heart and mind being filled with unwillingness.

    Faced with the sudden arrival of the Ancestor, the imperial palace could not efficiently handle the situation. This event caused everyone inside the palace to be in disarray rather than being calm and orderly. With great effort, it took a while for them to be arranged into two majestic rows led by the Emperor, before they could all hurriedly march forward.

    Ning Xuemo and Ji Yunhuang proceeded side by side. Ning Xuemo stealthily asked, "It looks like the Ancestor doesn't usually visit."

    "Of course! The last time he came was 18 years ago."

    "Is that right? A few days ago, didn't he appear once?" That time he easily gave her justice!

    "He was only passing through last time, showing up for 15 minutes before leaving..."

    'So, he just came like the wind to join in the fun!'

    Ning Xuemo became extremely speechless.

    "Oh, that's right! You said the hot spring inside your residence was made by the venerable Ancestor. Could it be that it was constructed 18 years ago?"

    Ji Yunhuang nodded, "That's correct. At that time, I was only five years old. My Imperial Father had just built the crown prince's mansion. I still did not reside in there yet. Fortunately, it was used as an imperial villa for the Ancestor to rest, but he only stayed there for two days before departing. Imperial Father was only able to pay his respect once..."

    If that Ancestor still can act all mighty everywhere, he should have some skills, right?

    Ning Xuemo unrestrainedly slandered the Ancestor inside her mind.

    "How old is the Ancestor?" Since she felt bored, unable to move around, she started gossiping.

    Ji Yunhuang shook his head. "I don't know..."

    "Are you not the disciple of his disciple? How can you not know how old your grandmaster is? How can you even qualify to be his disciple if you don't even know this?"

    Ji Yunhuang lightly sighed. "Don't ask me. I'm sure that even my master also does not know his age. I know that around every 80 years, the Ancestor will receive a new disciple. Currently, the Ancestor took in a total of 18 direct disciples. My master is the youngest amongst them. This year, he's 60 years old..."

    Ning Xuemo remained silent. According to her calculations by multiplying the number of disciples with 80, the Ancestor should be around 1, 500 years old! And that did not even include his real age at the time he accepted his first disciple...

    The lifespans of people in this era and in her era are completely incomparable. In her world, if an ordinary person lived up to 80 years old, then he or she is said to have lived a long life.

    In this world, only talented people who cultivated to rank 1 Earth realm could slow down their aging process. The higher the cultivation, the longer they could live.

    They had to wait until they cultivated to rank 8 of the Earth realm before they could breakthrough the milestone of longevity and live up to a 1,000 years old. However, immortality is just a pipe dream and all living beings are still subject to an age limit. If their lives are not claimed beforehand, they will still die of old age.

    It seemed like the Ancestor's first disciple was already not of this world anymore.

    There was a myth claiming that it was possible to grow old without dying after a cultivator broke through to rank 2 Heaven realm...

    Could it be that the Ancestor had truly succeeded in becoming an immortal deity?

    He was almost 2,000 years old. He could be comparable to the God of Longevity.
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