Chapter 105 – The Ancestor’s Extravagance (1)

    Chapter 105 - The Ancestor's Extravagance (1)

    The Imperial Palace was the Emperor's residence, so all the eunuchs and maids working there were cautious and conscientious. No matter how big the palace halls were, they swept it clean until not even a speck of dust could be seen, rarely leaving few places dirty.

    However, Emperor Le Xuan understood that the Ancestor's request about a clean place did not mean a place free of dust. His request carried a different meaning. To him, a clean place meant a place "clean" of anyone...

    Fortunately, many palace halls empty of people could be easily found in the imperial palace, and Chong Wen Palace was the perfect place.

    Emperor Le Xuan personally led the Ancestor and his procession, until they reached the gates of Chong Wen Palace where they all halted.

    Ning Xuemo unconsciously stopped breathing. At last, she would be able to see the Ancestor's true colors...

    'He would not keep letting people carry his sedan into the main hall, right?'

    Rustle! The boys and girls next to the sedan flickered, and only their afterimages were left. They circled around the sedan, while throwing flowers.

    The corner of Ning Xuemo's lips twitched!

    These people took out a roll of some unknown material similar to a sheer muslin and used it to cover the sedan in multiple layers.

    The muslin was thin and nearly transparent, allowing the sunlight to pass through. Seven colors of light flashed. Inside those seven brilliant rays, a person could faintly be seen getting off the sedan...

    Because the cloth acted as a screen, Ning Xuemo could not clearly see the appearance of that figure. She was only able to take a glimpse of his silhouette. He looked like an immortal daoist floating as he travelled to the main hall covered in the multicoloured sunlight.

    After the layers of muslin were removed, the Ancestor's figure could no longer be seen from the main hall entrance. Even the sedan disappeared without a trace.

    All the youngsters from the procession circled the entrance, waiting to serve the Ancestor.

    Ning Xuemo was speechless. 'What the heck?' She was busy half a day, only to catch a glimpse of his back?

    'How unlucky!'

    'It was no wonder Ji Yunhuang only managed to see him twice despite being his grand disciple. This Ancestor is quite elusive!'

    'Each of his moves are tightly covered and guarded by his servants! Don't tell me that even when he has to do a number 1 or 2, he needed to be surrounded by such a crowd?'

    She watched Emperor Le Xuan, who had been stopped outside of the entrance. Then, she switched her gaze to Ji Yunhuang. Not being able to stifle her yawn, she quietly inquired, "Your Highness, the Ancestor was welcomed. There is nothing else for me to do, right? May I leave?"

    Although this Ancestor was quite mysterious, Ning Xuemo was not too interested in investigating him any further.

    She thought that rather than looking at a God of Longevity's hidden face, it was better for her to return and watch Tom's greatly bitter and hateful face.

    As she thought about it, the entrance of the main hall opened. A boy slowly walked out and spoke in a clear voice. "The Ancestor requests an audience with Your Majesty after you have washed up. Your Majesty can go in with two people. As for the rest, go back to your own tasks. The Ancestor prefers tranquility."

    Ning Xuemo felt happy inside. The Emperor can only take two people along. He certainly would not pick her. Finally, she would be able to go home and take a long nap!

    She was just about to happily say goodbye to Ji Yunhuang, when Emperor Le Xuan spoke "Yunhuang and Xuemo, you two come quickly and take a bath. You will accompany me to meet the Ancestor."

    Ning Xuemo became speechless.

    'THAT -BEEP-!'

    That all-nervous Emperor wanted her to be there? Isn't she only an average orphaned little girl that had no backing?

    Suddenly her heart trembled. It couldn't be that he took her random lies about Heavens' bestowal seriously and suspected that the one who taught her about medicine was the Ancestor? He must want to confirm it by bringing her with him.

    'How did this become such a dramatic turn of events?!' What she randomly blurted out directly sent her to confront the Final Boss!

    She had no idea Emperor Le Xuan actually regarded her as the Ancestor's disciple he found in dreams. If she let the Emperor mention that matter later, her lies will certainly be exposed.

    The Emperor was not even aware that he was making her feel small in her shoes!

    She was just about to find an excuse to retreat, when a voice suddenly echoed from behind her. "Imperial Father, let Older Brother Crown Prince and me, your child, accompany you."
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