Chapter 113 – One Who is Unaccountably Solicitous is Hiding Evil Intentions!

    Chapter 113 - One Who is Unaccountably Solicitous is Hiding Evil Intentions!

    She also thought about climbing to the top of the cultivation world! After that, she would make this old fart surrender to her. Then she would freeze him into a popsicle, turn him into jelly and freeze him again. If he wanted to pretend, she would let him pretend to be above everyone, subsequently trampling all over him, stepping on his back and making him shout his surrender... She would also make him want to reverse his loss, but be unable to...

    'Such a pity!' Her little body had a physique that is inept at cultivating psychokinesis.

    Just thinking about it made her want to wring her hands in frustration!

    That's right! She remembered that at the start, her physique did not even have one bit of psychokinesis. Currently, she more or less possessed some psychokinesis. Didn't this mean that her physique is not a complete hopeless case?

    Maybe if she properly nurtures her body, she might be able to promote her cultivation to another rank?

    While she was walking outside, she planned out how to make it happen.

    As soon as she walked out the door for a bit, she did not pay attention to someone shouting loudly, "His Majesty, the Emperor is setting off."

    She raised her head and saw a group of people, who escorted Emperor Le Xuan, heading straight towards her.

    Ning Xuemo cursed inside her mind. Recently, the number of times she ran into someone from the imperial family became quite numerous. The same goes for the number of times she encountered the Emperor.

    She had no choice but to greet the Emperor. Emperor Le Xuan waved his hand to allow her to stand up. His eyes swept a glance at Ning Xuemo before asking with astonishment, "Didn't I send you inside to serve the Ancestor, how come you went out?"

    'What's there to serve? Isn't there just a big chunk of stupid ice cube sitting on a chair?!"

    In the depths of her heart, she spat all over the Ancestor. But when one looks at her, she still appeared cute and lovely. She obediently replied, "Replying to your Majesty! The Ancestor allowed me to go out. He may have noticed that my body was weak and empathized with me. Therefore, he let me go."

    A faint light stirred inside Emperor Le Xuan's eyes.

    In fact, every time the Ancestor went on an inspection tour, no matter which country or city, they would always send the two most important people in that region to accompany the Venerable Emperor. These people will attend to the Ancestor until he leaves. The truth is, these people acted as hostages and would only be released when the Ancestor departed.

    Unexpectedly, Ning Xuemo went in for not even less than an hour, and she was already released!

    The Ancestor's heart was cold and harsh, never easily empathizing with anyone's plight. So, to say that he pitied Ning Xuemo's weak body...

    Mundane was a word that did not apply to the Ancestor's people. This was inconceivable!

    'Perhaps the Venerable Emperor felt that her status was far too low, not worthy to be held hostage. Or does that mean that having Yunhuang is enough?'

    'It could also be possible that the one who taught Ning Xuemo in her dreams was him, so he released her...'

    With two kinds of hypothesis with the same probability of happening made it difficult for Emperor Le Xuan to guess which one was correct in explaining Ning Xuemo's release. He glanced at Ning Xuemo, and his heart once again trembled!

    The Ancestor possessed a special energy field, considered to be a mortal repellent.

    Not only was the energy field extremely weird, only allowing virgin males and pure maidens to stay inside for a long time, if the body was no longer pure, staying in the main hall resulted in getting attacked by a bone-chilling cold sensation. It did not matter what level of cultivation the person possessed. The cold would seep into the bone, and if the Emperor had insisted on staying, he would have been frozen, becoming unable to walk out of the main hall. After he got out, he wrapped himself warmly and surrounded himself with a stove while shivering for a while, until he was able to slowly restore his strength.

    Except for the people beside the Ancestor, even if that person was a virgin male or a pure maiden, as long as their skills were lacking, staying more than an hour in that energy field would cause frostbites. They needed to possess a certain level of ability to be able to endure the field.

    That girl was clearly a waste, but she stayed in there for an hour, unexpectedly coming out unscathed. She appears to be healthy and lively as if nothing happened!

    'In the end, what's going on here?'

    Emperor Le Xuan discovered that this little girl's pair of limpid eyes, riddled with many enigmas, was staring at him!

    It made him think that if he bound her to his side, he would properly be able to investigate her and get to the bottom of this...

    "Xuemo, I previously wronged you. Your father was once my right-hand man. If you keep being loyal to me, I can compensate you. What do you wish for?" Emperor Le Xuan's tone sounded warm and kind.

    One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions!

    This was especially true when an emperor fawns over someone. Who knew what intentions he carried...
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