Chapter 121 – Escaping From the Marriage (3)

    Chapter 121 - Escaping From the Marriage (3)

    If people carefully examined her face, she would definitely be exposed!

    Ning Xuemo withdrew from the city gates and walked back to an area where many beggars roamed. As she thought about it, the old Emperor must believe that she already escaped out of the city. Therefore, she needs to re-evaluate the amount of search parties outside, and she might not be able to walk as briskly inside either.

    There was also no guarantee that she would be safe, hidden among beggars for several days.

    The most dangerous also proves to be the safest place. As a secret agent, she understood that concept quite clearly. Therefore, she sat on a bustling street and associated herself with a group of beggars. Sometimes, she even got up and acted like a beggar, holding a broken bowl and begging people for money and food.

    In order to be inconspicuous, she hunched her body, barely spoke, and made her little face as dirty as a street cat. She did not look that much different when compared to a real beggar.

    With that kind of appearance, she did not stir people's affection; therefore, compared to the earnings of other beggars, she only received 1 copper for the past two hours.

    Ning Xuemo always thoroughly dedicated herself to anything she decided on doing. If she dressed as a dragon, she would acted like one. If she dressed like a tiger, she would seem like one. Right now, she was a little beggar and acted no differently from any other beggars. Even within the group of beggars, no one doubted her identity.

    In the world of beggars, one truth remains apparent: the high levels of competition amongst them. Suddenly, a filthy hand sprang from the side and reached for the big copper coin that barely covered the bottom of Ning Xuemo's broken bowl but failed. The owner of the hand then stared at Ning Xuemo. "Hey kid, are you new here? If you want to stay, you have to learn about the ways of our group. I offer you a place to beg, so you, little bugger, need to give back something to me, your daddy!"

    Ning Xuemo lowered her head and did not argue, seemingly looking as if she felt extremely afraid to the point of retreating back a step. "Big Brother, you can take it if you want. Later, if this little one has more, I'll give it to you. So, don't drive me away..."

    She acted so obedient that it made the Big Brother beggar happy that his eyes squinted. He raised his hand and patted Ning Xuemo's head. "Kid, if there is anything, come to me! Good, from now on, Big Brother will cover for you!"

    It was pretty much the first time he had a little brother under his wing, which made him excited. He opened his mouth filled with yellow decaying teeth and spluttered saliva all over Ning Xuemo, as he excitedly imparted to her his begging experiences.

    Although Ning Xuemo had a huge urge to break every single one of her new Big Brother's yellow teeth, she refrained as she knew it was not the time to stir any trouble. In addition, if she could merge into this group of beggars, they would conceal her from the soldiers searching for her.

    As that Big Brother Yellow Teeth pointed out to her, apart from her copper coin, there were several other coins given by other beggars of the group to him.

    Since Yellow Teeth felt happy, he joyfully chatted with her.

    While Ning Xuemo listened to him absent-mindedly, she carefully observed the activities of the soldiers manhunting her. Then, she saw the soldiers taking away her Big Uncle and Big Aunt, as well as those shameless relatives that came to her house the other day to take advantage of her. It was evident that those men were suspicious about Ning Xuemo being captured by her relatives.

    Ning Xuemo laughed inside. Both her and the old Emperor were on the same wavelength. He knew about her plan and had no choice but to handle the situation completely according to how she wished. 'He truly deserves to be praised!'

    Her relatives were not people who were easy to be deal with, but right now, because they were involved with her, they have truly been wronged to death by Ning Xuemo.

    Even if those people were innocent, in order to keep his face, the old Emperor would make sure to investigate them strictly and maybe find a scapegoat amongst them.

    'Strict investigation but more accurately speaking, it's a torture investigation...'

    All those torture devices in the Ministry of Justice Prison should be enough to occupy those people for a few days...
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