Chapter 123 – The Sixth Prince’s Intention (1)

    Chapter 123 - The Sixth Prince's Intention (1)

    Her mind stirred as she was about to pass the carriage. She suddenly covered her belly with her hand. "Ouch! My belly hurts! Big Brother, you go first. I need to find a place for a number two. It will only take a moment. You should go and lineup for me..." She shook off Yellow Teeth's hand, and in an instant, she ran to a dark corner.

    "That...just like a little baby rabbit. As they said, a lazy person will find many excuses to delay working. Hurry up! If we get there late, we won't be able to get any clothes..." Yellow Teeth shouted out to somewhere behind him but did not wait for her. He ran ahead minding his own business.

    He, an old fox, knew that the event of the authorities providing congee was not as simple as it looks. If he went late, perhaps there would not even be any vegetable dish to fight for...

    All the beggars were preoccupied running ahead of each other, and no one took notice of a small stone flying above their heads, hitting the leg of the beggar at the front of the crowd.

    That person yelled in pain before falling flat on his face. The beggar following closely behind him suddenly tripped by his own legs and also fell. That fall caused a massive chain reaction: one after another in a large radius, numerous beggars fell on each other with curses thrown in every direction.

    The disaster that struck the beggars alarmed the two imperial guards by the carriage. Both of them swept a glance to the side and saw a group of beggars fall into chaos. Seeing that scene, they could not help but laugh, while watching the show unfold.

    They did not notice a small shadow that furtively approached the carriage, quietly attaching itself to a plank under the carriage during the fleeting moment they looked away.

    After a little while the Sixth Prince, Ji Yunhao, came out with his delicate face raised. Behind him, a group of weeping concubines followed, waiting for Ji Yunhao to board his carriage. One after another they went up to him, teary and reluctant to part with him...

    Ji Yunhao's handsome face was cold. He ignored the affection they displayed as he was helped into the carriage by the two imperial guards.

    "Prince, why should you set on your journey so soon? Your injuries have not yet healed. There is no need to leave in such a hurry. His Majesty had permitted for you to set out a few days later..." One of the concubine's white and tender hand gripped Ji Yunhao's clothes as she lamented.

    "Shut up! Did I say anything? I'm just a commoner right now, not a prince! You want me to be guilty of defying the imperial decree again?" Ji Yunhao's voice icily resounded as he opened his mouth to reprimand his concubine.

    That concubine did not dare to speak any further. Instead, another concubine added, "Pri- Master, please quell your anger. Younger Sister was just concerned about you. Master, please rest assured that His Majesty would certainly not let you be wronged for long. After this turbulent time, you will certainly be able to return here once again. Master, be at ease as we will make sure to properly take care of this residence and await for your safe return."

    That concubine's words were more sensible, which somewhat alleviated Ji Yunhao's mood. He dully said, "This is more proper. All of you go back." He turned around and entered the carriage.

    The concubines all felt reluctant to part with Ji Yunhao and stood there for a long while at loss on what to do next, until the carriage gradually disappeared into the distance.

    Since Ji Yunhao was banished, he could not ride in a nobleman's carriage and had to ride a luxurious yet common carriage.

    The comfort was a far cry from the standards of a nobleman's carriage.

    Fortunately for his journey, he was accompanied by two of his best personal bodyguards. They know top-notch martial arts and their abilities to handle all kind of situations were quite strong. At this moment, one of them will pretend to be the driver, sitting at the front.

    Ji Yunhao sat inside the carriage; his injuries caused by the rods were not light. Although the physician in the palace gave him the best medicine, it was not possible for him to reach his peak in such a short time. At this moment, the wounds still hurt, and with the carriage's movements, the pain felt unbearable.

    That girl must have done something to the rods. If not, it was impossible that the flogging turned into such a painful hell.

    He was examined by the physicians inside the palace, but none of them could determine whether he was poisoned or not.
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