Chapter 124 – The Sixth Prince’s Intention (2)

    Chapter 124 - The Sixth Prince's Intention (2)

    All the wounds he suffered from the rod hurt three times more than a normal rod wound. Unfortunately, despite the wounds being examined and re-examined, the reason remained a mystery...

    After being beat until his flesh tore, he was unable to close his eyes at night because of the pain!

    The piercing pain kept him awake, prohibiting him from feeling the slightest trace of sleepiness. He could only endure the pain without any sign of relief...

    The tiredness coupled with the pain made him extremely irritable. He couldn't help but recall Ning Xuemo's appearance the other day...

    Her bright pair of eyes, her captivating red lips, the two dimples that appeared when she smiled...

    Her appearance made people want to love her, yet with that stubborn temper of hers...

    She was simply a little freak, a little demon to be exact!

    He never expected he would fall into such a predicament by the hand of a little girl. It made him burn with hatred...

    If he could ever catch that little demon, he certainly would...

    'What do I want to do with her?'

    Suddenly, Ji Yunhao's thought process halted. He hated that girl, hated her to death. But against all reasons, he could not forget about her. Every time he closed his eyes, all he could see was her smiling face and innocent expression...

    There had never been a woman until now who occupied his mind and heart like that, making him unable to forget even when he lies down to sleep.

    That his thoughts centered so much around Ning Xuemo must be because she made him suffer so many losses, causing him to constantly plot and scheme against her. This made her so unforgettable in his mind.

    If he ever gets his hands on her, he would first whip her. Then... he would push her down and make her serve him in every possible way until there would be no one else in her eyes except him...


    The carriage's speed was quite fast. It only took a quarter of an hour to reach the city gates.

    Early in the morning, many people wanted to leave the city, but the soldiers there were still searching as carefully as before, going as far as to inspect every vehicle in case people hid in the a bottom compartment.

    Ji Yunhao lifted the curtain of his carriage and squinted his eyes as he looked at the city gates from the distance. He then put the curtain down and let out a sigh before leaning on the embroidered seat.

    'Where did that girl escape to?'

    Although he stayed inside his mansion, his information network was still as fast and efficient as before. The story about Ning Xuemo's disappearance after being granted the title of imperial concubine was information he had already heard about.

    His intentions towards Ning Xuemo would not change because of that. Suddenly, he felt something cold behind him but could not react before the ice-cold object was pressed against his neck. "If you don't want to die, shut up!" Whispered the voice beside his ear.

    Ji Yunhao's body slightly stiffened as he slowly turned his head, and a little face, dirty like a street cat with two big and bright eyes, was reflected in his eyes.

    'Ning Xuemo!'

    "Cover for me until I get out! Otherwise, I'll claim your little life!" Ning Xuemo spoke in a demanding tone. To get her meaning across, she lightly sliced Ji Yunhao's neck with her knife. A small thread of blood flowed out from the wound.

    At first, she thought about getting out of the city simply by staying under the carriage, but she did not expect the soldiers at the gate to search under all carriages. Since staying under the carriage was no longer a viable option, her next choice could be potentially dangerous, but she would gamble on it.

    'Let's hope Ji Yunhao is terrified of death.'

    She had taken hold of him, and if he were to shout half a word to his bodyguard, she would immediately turn him into a corpse.

    "Master, we've reach the city gates. Are you still comfortable inside the carriage?" From outside, came the voice of the bodyguard. Obviously, the man possessed extremely sharp hearing. He faintly heard some movement inside the carriage and suspicion arose in his heart. Therefore, he inquired about his master's well-being.

    Ning Xuemo's expression slightly changed. If Ji Yunhao's reply sounded abnormal at this time, she feared that the imperial bodyguard would promptly rush inside.

    "Everything is alright. Keep driving the carriage to the gate." Abruptly, Ji Yunhao spoke in a steady and stable voice; no trembling nor variation of tone could be heard.

    "Yes." The two bodyguards disguised as horsekeepers did not speak any further and concentrated on driving.

    'How tactful...'

    Ning Xuemo looked at the Sixth Prince with suspicion and continued to whisper instructions to him. "Wait until we are at the city gate, then let them know your identity as a prince. They certainly won't enter your carriage to search."
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