Chapter 125 – Love is Difficult to Recognize

    Chapter 125 - Love is Difficult to Recognize

    "Right now I'm just a commoner, and the soldiers currently on duty are the bailiffs from the Supreme Court. They will undoubtedly tear this curtain down to search and won't cower before anyone's identity in order to fulfill their duty." Ji Yunhao also lowered his voice as he spoke. He then pointed at a chest near him. "There is a uniform for a young servant inside. Hurry and change into it. You can pretend to be a my servant which should trick them."

    Unexpectedly, he agreed to help her? 'Did this guy get hit until his personality drastically reversed?'

    However, at this time she was unable to ponder on this matter for very long. Her knife neared dangerously close to Ji Yunhao's neck once again. "Open your mouth!"

    A faint sinister light flashed inside Ji Yunhao's eyes. However, he obediently opened his mouth. At once, his throat felt something cold descend down his throat and entered his stomach. It felt like a thread of ice stretching down.

    "Don't try to play any tricks! What I just gave you is a Spirit Shattering pill. Without the antidote, it will claim your life in one day! Not anyone can detoxify it." Finally, Ning Xuemo withdrew her knife.

    Ji Yunhao lowered his eyes and lightly sighed. "Xuemo, rest assured that more than anyone, I don't wish for you to get caught and dragged back!"

    This was the first time in three years that his imperial father accepted an imperial concubine. Among the candidates, there was also no lack of children around Ning Xuemo's age.

    He held an indifferent attitude to the fact that they were younger than him. The truth is sometimes he even sent a few beauties into the palace just to curry his father's favor.

    However, when it came to Ning Xuemo, it was out of question! He couldn't stand seeing her enter the Emperor's harem and becomes his young stepmother...

    Ning Xuemo vaguely felt that Ji Yunhao would not let her become his stepmother. She blinked, then said, "I will believe you for now."

    After opening the chest, she saw two uniforms meant for a young male servant like Ji Yunhao said. The uniforms looked brand-new and clean. As for the size, unexpectedly it almost completely fit her.

    'Huh? Ji Yunhao didn't bring any boy servants for his journey. How come he had two uniforms with him?'

    As the distance to the city gate neared, Ning Xuemo put off that question for the moment as she had other concerns to think about...

    She quickly undressed and threw away her beggar clothes. Underneath her disguise, she actually wore skin-tight undergarments. Although his eyes were lowered, this did not escape Ji Yunhao's sight in the confined space of the carriage. When she finished changing, she used a wet towel to clean her small face and pulled her hair into bun, the standard hairstyle of a servant.

    Ji Yunhao half sat while he gazed at her. He saw how she transformed into another person in such a short period of time. Her bangs hid her forehead, partially covering her eyes. Her mouth was slightly pursed. With a few tricks of her own, she now appeared like an average little male servant. She stuffed the beggar clothes inside the chest.

    Because Ning Xuemo had mixed ing with a group of beggars for quite a while, her body somewhat emanated an unpleasant odor. However, surprisingly, an aromatic fragrance permeated inside the carriage . Not long after Ning Xuemo came inside, the pleasant fragrance from the carriage quickly replaced the awful stench from her body.

    Ning Xuemo's gaze shifted as she used her hand to touch the roof of the carriage.

    'Is it fragrant wood?'

    'The Imperial Family really knows how to enjoy themselves, even the carriage is made from fragrant wood!'

    From her knowledge of this continent, a square meter of fragrant wood could be worth thousands of gold. In other words, this carriage cannot be compared to other carriages, as the materials to build it was worth at least 20,000 taels of gold.

    'This Sixth Prince has been demoted to the rank of a commoner, but he still uses such an outrageously expensive carriage!'

    Ji Yunhao who half lied on the carriage's couch said, "You pretend to fan me."

    This time Ning Xuemo did not expect him to agree to put on a show with her. Despite her surprise, she still picked up a fan and stood to the side to lightly fan him.

    She lowered her eyes and continued to fan him like a master in her domain. If people were to overlook her left hand secretly poking her dagger at Ji Yunhao's waist, she would look no different from a normal male servant.

    Ji Yunhao whispered, "I'll call my bodyguards to come in to let them know about your existence. Otherwise you will be exposed during the search..."
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