Chapter 126 – Holding in Hostage the Sixth Prince

    Chapter 126 - Holding in Hostage the Sixth Prince

    What he said was logical. If Ji Yunhao's guards suddenly saw her at the moment of the search, who knows how they will react. Their reactions would certainly become an unwanted variable in her plan.

    A glint fleeted through Ning Xuemo's eyes as she agreed with delight. "Good, let's do it like that!"

    However, Ji Yunhao was somewhat puzzled. As he stared at her, he asked, "You're not afraid that I'll take this opportunity to order them to deal with you?"

    Ning Xuemo smiled. "Your puny life is still in my hand. I believe you're not that stupid." The knife in her hand would end his life before he could shout hello. Furthermore, she already fed him poison, and only she had the antidote to cure him.

    'Smart girl!'

    Ji Yunhao sighed gloomily. He lightly clapped his hands and one of his guards immediately lifted the curtain. "Master, you..." As he suddenly discovered Ning Xuemo's presence, his expression changed, while a light flashed from his palm, and a long sword appeared.

    "He is my boy, Junqing. Did you hear me?" Ji Yunhao spoke indifferently, successfully stopping his bodyguard from attacking Ning Xuemo.

    Any person  qualified to be Ji Yunhao's personal bodyguard would of course understand his underlying meaning. The guard immediately replied, "Rest assured Master, I, Number Two, understands."

    "Dismissed." Ji Yunhao waved his hand.

    "Yes, Master." That imperial guard called Number Two bowed his head before leaving.

    A light flickered faintly inside Ning Xuemo's eyes. 'It seems like the Sixth Prince is not completely an idiot. He does have some abilities, since he trained such a competent shadow guard...'

    The carriage quickly reached the city gates. A soldier on duty approached the carriage and inquired about the person inside. During that time, another one inspected the bottom of the carriage, making sure no one hid there.

    Then, the two imperial guards gave proof of Ji Yunhao's identity.

    The soldiers were extremely responsible and diligent. As they bowed, one of them spoke, "I didn't know this is the Sixth Prince's carriage. As per the Emperor's orders, every vehicle has to be searched no matter who the owner is. We apologize in advance for the offense and hope Sixth Prince will forgive us."

    The meaning was clearly to allow them to inspect the inside of the carriage.

    Since the vehicle did not have the Sixth Prince's usual mark, it was hard to say if the person inside the carriage really was the Sixth Prince.

    From inside the carriage, Ji Yunhao unhurriedly spoke, "Open the curtain and let them inspect."

    Since Ji Yunhao usually goes out of the city, some of the soldiers on duty was familiar with him. The moment they heard his voice, they knew that the person inside was indeed the Sixth Prince.

    Those soldiers had heard of the story about him being punished inside the palace because of Ning Xuemo's matters, which had been spread like wildfire long ago throughout the whole capital. Therefore, if it was remotely possible that other nobles or princes could try to smuggle Ning Xuemo outside, they were convinced it would definitely not be Ji Yunhao.

    'Perhaps, he already hated that girl to the bone because of that punishment. Naturally, it's impossible for him to hide her.'

    Following that train of thought, all the soldiers relaxed. They merely swept a glance and quickly inspected the carriage as a mere formality.

    The structure inside the carriage looked quite simple. Everything could be seen in one glance. Ji Yunhao was lazily half lying on the couch. By his side, there was only a young servant fanning him. There was nothing out of place.

    All the soldiers were inwardly cursing. 'A child from the imperial family is certainly a child from the imperial family. Even if he was demoted, that arrogance would never change, and he could still enjoy himself. Perhaps, his demotion was just for appearance's sake. How long would it be before he gets reinstated as the honorable Sixth Prince?'

    Those soldiers did not dare to embarrass Ji Yunhao. They hurriedly bowed and said a few lines of apology for the offense and finally let the carriage leave.


    "Where do you want to go?" Covered by the dissipating morning mist, tall and lush verdant trees could be seen bordering the road. The the horses' hooves galloping on the road sounded crisp and clear.

    They were already approximately 4 kilometers away from the city. Along the way, they came across several checkpoints, which easily let them go with a few words from Ji Yunhao. Ning Xuemo who stayed beside him was safe and secure.
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