Chapter 127 – We Won’t Become Friends (1)

    Chapter 127 - We Won't Become Friends (1)

    Once a mortal enemy, now someone who helped her escape from her pursuers, an unforseen twist happened for the first time in Ning Xuemo's life, making her doubt whether or not everything was simply a figment of her imagination.

    A big mountain could faintly be seen from the left side of the road, its shape still hazily covered by the morning mist.

    Soon, the carriage turned right travelling further away from the big mountain.

    Ning Xuemo waved to Ji Yunhao. "Sixth Prince, since this time you have saved me, which is also the first time you did so, I will not take into account your actions of plotting against me before. Let's consider us even now. The green mountains will remain unchanged as the blue water continued to flow. Let us meet again someday.[1]" She turned and was about to jump off the carriage.

    Ji Yunhao lifted his hand to firmly grasp the corner of her outer garment. He spoke while showing a smile that was not really a smile. "What do you mean by we're even? I whipped you only three times, but you got me punished with 80 rods. How could that be considered even? What's more, this time I save you. You're the one who owes me."

    Ning Xuemo pulled her clothes from Ji Yunhao's grip. "Your scheme sent me to prison. If I wasn't resourceful, I would already be dead and buried!"

    "I didn't plot you being sent to prison. It was someone else. You are exceptionally intelligent. Don't tell me you didn't figure out the real mastermind yet?" Ji Yunhao gazed at her gloomy eyes.

    "Of course I know who's the mastermind behind it. However, who also added oil to the fire, aggravating the situation? Not to mention you still owe me a life, which I have not taken into account earlier."

    As she spoke, Ning Xuemo's figure could be seen jumping off the carriage.

    "When did I owe you a life?" Ji Yunhao was confused and could not restrain himself from tearing off the curtain and fixing his gaze on her.

    "Remember the iron cage at the public square?" Right after she replied to him, she waved a hand which held a small bundle. "I'm taking your snacks as a small compensation for everything you owe me." She turned away and walked toward the big mountain.

    "You're surely not thinking about going there?" Ji Yunhao looked at the big mountain as his heart sank. He could not help but warn her. "That's Tianshu Mountain, a place where magic beasts run amok. It's not a place you can freely walk through! If you have no place to go, you can follow me and..."

    Ning Xuemo did not stop once, neither did she turn her head. Her qinggong[2], also known as light body skills, was excellent; thus, in just a few jumps she was already far away.

    Currently, the enmity between her and the Sixth Prince could be said to be resolved, but it was too farfetched to even think that they could become friends from now on. Furthermore, she believed she does not share common interests with the sixth prince.

    As for Tianshu Mountain, she had already planned to explore that place before, and right now, it was the perfect time to do so.

    She also urgently needed medicinal herbs. Therefore, she first had to gather some herbs. Some of it will be sold at the market. Second, that place was dangerous and would be the perfect place for her to hide from the Emperor and her pursuers.

    Although it was said that the imperial guards protected the mountain, they also did not dare to carelessly enter it.

    After gathering herbs for two or three days in there, it would be the right time to return. It also won't delay anything for her.

    Ji Yunhao looked at her figure quickly disappearing into the distance, feeling disappointed and frustrated as if he had lost something.

    A question floated inside his mind. Although he let her down when she was imprisoned in an iron cage and exhibited at the public square, he did not remember taking her life. So, why did she say he owed her a life?

    "Master, didn't she poison you earlier? May I ask if she told you of a way to detoxify it?" One of the imperial bodyguards reminded him.

    Finally, Ji Yunhao remembered she made him swallow a pill. His heart sank once again. 'That brat said that I have a day to take the antidote or death will await me.' Did she truly want to kill him?

    He stood up and immediately felt something in his sleeve. He reached inside and a purplish red pill came out. On the pill, a needle pinned a note: antidote.

    The guard saw it but did not feel reassured. "We don't know the composition of this pill. Would it not be better if Master asked for a doctor in town to examine it?"

    [1] This is something people in the Jianghu said when parting. It was easy to find the complete quote, but I didn't find more about it after more than two hours of research.





    Rough translations (not completely accurate):

    The late autumn came with parting,

    as the the cold wind rustled the leaves filling the creek.

    One's mind is wide opened and filled with emotions,

    turning back desiring for more words only to have tears staining the clothes.

    The green mountains will remain unchanged as the blue water continued to flow,

    and the bright moon would still waned as the stars faded as night ends.

    Forever until the end of time,

    this hateful feeling will continued without disappearing.

    [2] This is skill often mentioned in xianxia, wuxia, martial arts film and others. It's a skill pertaining to different techniques making the body lighter or more nimble when moving. Well a similar and realistic comparison would be parkour. For more information, click here.
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