Chapter 128 – We Won’t Become Friends (2)

    Chapter 128 - We Won't Become Friends (2)

    "No need." Ji Yunhao raised his hand and put the pill in his mouth, before swallowing it without hesitation.

    Simultaneously a warm current flowed down his throat, and when it reached his stomach, he felt the ice-cold discomfort in his body being dispelled.

    He laughed inside. 'Although that girl is clever, she was still inexperienced in the end. She didn't think about this matter too deeply.' Giving him the antidote at this moment, was she not afraid he would immediately dispatch a group of people to capture her?

    Or maybe, he could leak her whereabouts to her pursuers?

    'In the end, that little brat is still naive.'

    He sat down to circulate the antidote through his body. After a short period of time, he only felt his body temperature rise as beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. His whole body became increasingly dry and hot. His throat was parched and there was a bitter aftertaste in his mouth.

    'What's going on?! Is that the normal effect of the antidote or...'

    The heat inside his body was unbearably difficult to endure. He was so hot that he could not stop himself from stripping off his clothes. Just when he took off his outer garment, a slip of paper fell off.

    The slip of paper fell off in a timely manner. If he did not take off his clothes, he would not have discovered this paper.

    A few words were written on that paper : "This antidote can suppress the poison for five days. After five days, come to the Marquis Jingyuan Mansion. Then I will give you the real antidote."

    "....." Ji Yunhao blanked. 'This cunning girl! She's practically a fox reincarnated!'

    Ji Yunhao did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Should he be angry or find it funny.

    He pondered for a moment before giving an order. "Number Two, follow her and ensure her safety."

    The bodyguard Number Two was somewhat puzzled. 'That girl schemed many times against the Prince. Didn't he hate her to the point that his teeth itch when thinking of her? Not only did he not add fuel to the fire, he even gave her face. Why is he trying to protect her now?'

    Ji Yunhao saw the doubt in Number Two's eyes, so he flatly replied, "I can't let her die. She still hasn't given me the real antidote!"

    This time the Imperial Bodyguard Number Two understood. He immediately bowed and shouted, "Yes, Master!" He then turned and quickly wanted to chase after Ning Xuemo.

    "Protect her in secret. You must not show yourself except when it's absolutely necessary." Ji Yunhao once again gave another instruction.

    "As you wish!" Number Two was not long winded. His figure flashed and disappeared in the direction Ning Xuemo went.

    Bodyguard Number One saw the complex look in Ji Yunhao's gaze. 'Our prince seems to treat this little lady with favor. This time, it took him two hours before leaving his residence as if he specifically intended to send her out...'

    'Otherwise it wouldn't be possible for this carriage to have a small male servant uniform ready for that little lady to change into...'

    Although Ji Yunhao was demoted, his information network was not affected in the least. He was still considered a prince and still had the ambition of one. Naturally he would have a complex network of information and contacts. Everything that happened in the city would be quickly relayed to him.

    He knew the Supreme Court's top 12 elite bukuai, bailiffs responsible for catching criminals, had saddled their horses and released the hunting dogs to search for Ning Xuemo. They looked day and night outside of the city, but not even a trace of her could be found.

    Ji Yunhao had guessed that Ning Xuemo should still be inside the city. Therefore, he deliberately chose that time to leave the city, and selected a particularly ostentatious carriage as mean of transportation.

    "That's peculiar... Why would I want to help her?" Ji Yunhao asked as he glanced at his subordinate.

    "This subordinate is also not certain on that matter." Yi Hao bluntly admitted his failure to understand.

    "Master, I also do not want her to enter the Emperor's harem."

    In the end, there was a point that was clear to the first bodyguard. That little girl was weird. If she were to enter the harem, she would have immense power and authority, since she seemed to be friends with the crown prince. Inside the palace, she would have the support of Ji Yunhuang if there was an unforeseen event, which was not beneficial for his master...

    "Maybe Master should try to eliminate her!"

    A sinister glint passed through Ji Yunhao's eyes. 'Remove her? As if it was easy! I, your father, almost died under her schemes!'
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