Chapter 130 – Making People Admire

    Chapter 130 - Making People Admire

    No matter how overbearing a wild beast's power was, she could always evade, a hair's breadth away from danger without getting a single injury!

    Striding to the left, side-stepping to the right, it seemed as if she dodged in random directions, but she repeatedly made the ferocious beast fail with its attacks, managing to hit only empty air. Furthermore, since it was impossible for her to battle those beasts continuously, she always waited for the exact moment when they attacked her to slip past their defenses and immediately escape.

    Even her escape route looked peculiar; she suddenly ran to the left then swerved to the right, without following any particular pattern. This confused the ferocious beasts, eventually making them give up the chase.

    Of course, not all of them easily gave up. Some would chase after her relentlessly, even in front of death. If she could shake them off, she would do so. If she could not, she would turn back to deal with them.

    Any beast carelessly chasing after her was unlikely to reach a good ending. Under her hand, they would immediately drop dead on the ground, unable to withstand her needle attacks coated with poison.

    After she killed one, she would often pat the beast's head, sighing. "Pitiful child, don't you know that some people just can't be eaten? Isn't too much perseverance courting death? Such a pity... At first, I was being lenient since you're considered a category 2 protected animal by the country. It's your fault for not being tactful by retreating..."

    After that, she would take some time to gather some flowers and grass on the side, inserting the bundle in the beast's ears. This seemed like some kind of memorial service. Right after, she would turn around and quickly resume her journey.

    After she left, Number Two quickly followed her, completely shocked!

    'What kind of monster was she the reincarnation of?'

    Originally, he completely disdained Ning Xuemo. Who would really want to look after a trash?

    Ji Yunhao dispatching him to protect Ning Xuemo had made Number Two's heart somewhat sour and unsatisfied. However, currently he felt glad to do so...

    There were many mysteries surroundings that little girl, which made him want to investigate her further. He continued to follow her without being bored at all!

    This imperial guard had only reached mortal realm rank 8, but he did not feel any pressure as he made his way to the third mountain peak. He felt confident that if that little girl ever encountered a critical situation, he would be able to protect her in time.

    The only thing that puzzled him was that if Ning Xuemo only wanted to hide from her pursuers, she could have hid herself on the second mountain. Why would she continue to head to the third mountain peak?

    'Doesn't she know how dangerous it is or... does she have a plan?'


    After four more hours passed, Number Two's body started to feel unwell!

    'Unexpectedly that girl waltzed right through the third mountain and fourth mountain unscathed. Now, she's even  crossing the fifth mountain!'

    According to Number Two's cultivation, those beasts on the fourth mountain were already difficult to face, but he could still handle them. As for the beasts on the fifth mountain, they were at a level where he had to think twice before treading on their territory!

    'Did that girl eat a leopard's guts to be such a daredevil? In the end, where does she want to go?!'

    The mountain's vegetation became denser as they progressed further into the mountain. All kinds of trees grew in the area: from small shrubs to trees so tall that they covered the sky, obstructing the sunlight from even reaching the ground. Distinct roads could no longer be clearly seen amidst the thick foliage. Poisonous tree branches flourished without much restraint, tangling together with non-poisonous shrubs, slightly parting the vegetation for a small secure road to appear. If they were ordinary people, it would be impossible for them to traverse through that forest.

    However, Ning Xuemo was anything but normal. She used to be a secret service agent who went through countless rigorous training missions on foreign soil. Although her new body obviously did not  let her use her abilities to the fullest, her vast experience allowed her to exploit every nook and cranny of this forest, from the grass to the trees, to moving around as if she simply walked on a  prairie.

    For example, when brambles as pointy as needles obstructed her way, she took out a long vine from who knows where. Then, she shook her hand, throwing the vine toward a large tree, lashing around it. Next, she pulled on the vine, swing herself above the brambles onto another tree. Finally, she threw the vine and continued forward.

    Her nimble movements were similar to a monkey's as she swung from tree to tree. Her skills made Number Two inwardly raise a thumb in approval.
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