Chapter 132 – This Girl is Too Cool! (1)

    Chapter 132 - This Girl is Too Cool! (1)

    'F*ck! I forgot this fellow was a heavy one!'

    Fortunately, the vine in Ning Xuemo's hand managed to coil around another large tree nearby. With a tug, her body changed course. Just as she was about to land on the tree, a sudden scorching hot heat wave could be felt from behind. She hurriedly ducked, just in time to avoid the fireball that flew past her head.

    Although her head was fine, the vine on the other hand was not.

    The vine broke. At a speed visible to the naked eye, the vine disintegrated and nearly reached her hand.

    Ning Xuemo could only abandon the vine.

    Currently, her body was in mid-air with nothing to hold onto, causing her to fall.

    The Jasper Centipede's body shot out once again towards Ning Xuemo!

    A pair of soybean-sized red eyes glared with a ferocious light...

    'Little **! A stinky kid actually dares to mess with me?! Watch as I roast you into jerky!'

    Another fireball shot towards Ning Xuemo!

    Number Two saw that the situation wasn't good and was about to step in but unexpectedly, Ning Xuemo forcefully twisted her body and evaded the fireball.

    At the same time, her sleeve shook and another bright rope shot out. Like a bolt of lightning, it charged directly upwards and coiled itself around the Jasper Centipede's sturdy abdomen.

    With a tug, she borrowed the force of the pull to shoot back up again. The Jasper Centipede, on the other hand, dropped even faster due to that tug...

    And then...

    'Puff!' The sounds of branches breaking continuously sounded.

    The Jasper Centipede's large body smashed onto the poisoned brambles, destroying a large patch below,

    While Ning Xuemo's body gracefully landed a few meters away on a large tree without a single scratch.

    'Wonderful! That is simply too amazing!'

    That was even more awesome than watching two high-level experts fight!

    Number Two, who was hiding in the shadows, was captivated! 'This girl is too cool!'

    If it wasn't for him remembering Sixth Prince's orders, he would have already been cheering.

    "Whoosh!" A fierce wind shot up from the ground as the Jasper Centipede flew up from the bramble patch...

    This was the first time it landed in such a miserable situation. The scales on its body lifted.

    With a roar, a pair of wings unexpectedly shot from the sides of its ribs. With a flap, it shot towards Ning Xuemo.

    'It's a flying centipede!'

    This centipede unexpectedly grew wings!

    'Can it, please, be not so abnormal!'

    The Jasper Centipede was obviously enraged. A series of fireballs continuously flew from its mouth as it charged straight for Ning Xuemo.

    When Number Two saw the Jasper Centipede grow wings, his expression greatly changed!

    Ning Xuemo shockingly managed to provoke a Flying Dragon Centipede that had managed to cultivate for 500 years!

    If it was just an ordinary Jasper Centipede, it would be fine. In a critical moment, Number Two could still jump in and help her deal with it.

    The Flying Dragon Centipede, however, was the king of Jasper Centipedes; Its psychokinesis had already reached rank 6 and should have only appeared on the sixth mountain. However, it actually appeared on the fifth mountain. Even Number Two wasn't its opponent!

    This was troublesome!

    His mind had not finished process the facts when he saw Ning Xuemo shooting towards his hiding spot like lightning, "Hey, Old Two, don't just stand there watching. Give me a hand!"

    Number Two was stunned.

    'Old Two? Who's she calling out to? Don't tell me she still has other people helping her?'

    'She shouldn't right? If there were other experts here, I'd have noticed...'

    'Wait! Her eyes are clearly staring right at me! She's calling me!'

    Number Two's handsome face turned black. Ning Xuemo had already brushed past his hiding spot and yanked off the leaf cover he had been using to hide himself...
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