Chapter 133 – This Girl is Too Cool! (2)

    Chapter 133 - This Girl is Too Cool! (2)

    And it was like this that Number Two's figure became exposed to the Flying Dragon Centipede that began charging toward him.

    'Damn it!'

    A dark light shot from Number Two's palm to reveal a dark steel sword. Flashing through the air, watery waves emerged from the sword and dispersed the fireballs chasing after Ning Xuemo...

    Number Two initially stood on a large tree, and this attack caused his body to sway unsteadily.

    However, the tree could not bear the force from the attack, and with a crack the branch Number Two stood on broke, causing him to fall.

    Fortunately, his qinggong was good. He twisted his body and landed on another tree.

    Being obstructed by Number Two, the Flying Dragon Centipede flew into a rage and shifted targets, venting its anger on Number Two...

    And so a human and a centipede fought.

    This intense battle spelled calamity for the nearby trees. Wood broke and leaves were sent flying as fireballs clashed with blue waves.

    Adding to the deafening screeches and howls of the centipede and the sound of breaking wood, an exciting fight transpired.

    In the midst of the battle, Number Two split his attention to try and search for Ning Xuemo's whereabouts.

    That little girl lured him into a disaster and had already run off to who knows where!

    'This bridge-burning lass!'

    This Flying Dragon Centipede had great agility and a vengeful personality. Just offending it a little would cause it to bite down and refuse to let go.

    Ning Xuemo could run away but Number Two couldn't.

    He could only grit his teeth and fight it out with the centipede.

    After fighting for about half an hour, beads of sweat appeared on Number Two's forehead; his shoulders felt sore...

    This Flying Dragon Centipede was actually too powerful; its strength was exceptional, its speed quick and its fireballs fierce and unrelenting. With every attack that he endured, Number Two's arms grew increasingly numb, and his whole body felt as if his bones were going to shatter. The blood in his chest fiercely churned, and he nearly spit out blood a few times...

    In contrast, that Flying Dragon Centipede had not even been wounded much.

    The only wounds Number Two managed to inflict were light, more like scratches with only a little bit of blood seeping out. To the Flying Dragon Centipede whose body was huge, these cuts were not even worth mentioning. They were not fatal and did not even slow its movements down in the slightest...

    At this rate, wouldn't Number Two die here?

    This place was so deserted that even encountering human traces were extremely rare, so he could not count on  reinforcements arriving. He was not this freak's opponent. If this continued, he would die here sooner or later...

    Number Two despaired a little.

    However, as a guard who often participated in bloody battles, he still upheld one principle: even if it was a hopeless situation, he still had to put his all in battle no matter what!

    He gritted his teeth and continued battling bitterly. Even if he was going to die, he had to at least leave a few more wounds on this creature!

    He battled till he felt dizzy when suddenly he heard a crisp voice sound out from somewhere near him. "Lure it this way!"

    'Ning Xuemo! Didn't she escape?' She actually came back!

    Number Two's usually calm heart warmed a little.

    He was a guard. From a young age he was taught to put his life on the line to achieve his master's goals and to not stop until he was dead.

    Protecting the master's route to retreat when encountering danger was normal. He didn't feel anything wrong about the master abandoning him in order to preserve his own life.

    Although Ning Xuemo wasn't his master, he was in charge of her safety and was a noble as well. He felt that her escaping on her own was normal. However, her return was completely out of his expectations!

    But even with that little bit of strength of hers, even if she returned, it would just be seeking death and would not change the outcome at all...
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