Chapter 134 – Deadly Battle

    Chapter 134 - Deadly Battle

    "Quickly run! If not, in a moment we will not have another chance!" The imperial bodyguard shouted anxiously.

    "Less of that nonsense! Just distract it!" Ning Xuemo repeated herself. However, this time her voice sounded more strict, using a firm tone that did not allow room for any disobedience.

    Number Two felt slightly shocked. He saw many girls who could display awe-inspiring authority, but it was the first time he saw someone like Ning Xuemo. Thus, his mind was more disturbed than he would admit, making him unconsciously want to obey her words.

    However, his inner turmoils had nothing to do with the difficulty of baiting that monster to go where Ning Xuemo wanted. 'Isn't this considered a situation where we are both seeking for death?'

    "BOOM!" A loud sound could be heard as one of the centipede's limb snapped off. A sharp whistling sound reached the side of the Flying Dragon Centipede.

    It also resulted in Number Two being stunned, while Ning Xuemo simply ran to complete her task.

    Although she could not injure it at all, she successfully contained the centipede by infuriating it. Ning Xuemo stood on a branch not far away from its head.

    The branch she stood on was quite thin, slowly shaking and swaying under her weight. Against all reason, she still wore a smile and beckoned the centipede with her hand. "Tons of legs freak, come!"

    When enemies come face to face, their eyes would blaze with hatred!

    The Flying Dragon Centipede issued a long hiss before charging toward Ning Xuemo!

    'This reckless girl!'

    Number Two promptly rushed to help her!

    "Kyah!" The branch Ning Xuemo stood on was burnt to crisp by the Flying Dragon Centipede's fireball, causing Ning Xuemo to shout in surprise as she started falling to the ground.

    Number Two's heart sank. The place where Ning Xuemo was falling into was a vast expanse of tall thistles and brambles!

    If she fell there, even if she did not die, the steel-like thorns would pierce her and turn her into a hedgehog!

    The Flying Dragon Centipede's hatred for Ning Xuemo culminated to a point that it couldn't even restrain itself, not letting her go despite the fact she was falling from the tree. It felt that it could only be satisfied if it burned or clawed at Ning Xuemo. Following its desire to appease its hatred, it rushed to Ning Xuemo, obviously wanting to use a finishing move.

    Just when Ning Xuemo was about to fall into the thicket of thorns, she threw a rope that coiled around the Flying Dragon Centipede's body with lightning speed.

    It was exactly the same move she did earlier. She used the rope to fly out of her predicament and at the same time taking the opportunity to send another kick to the centipede.

    As a result...

    "Bang!" The monster fell into the brambles instead...

    As light as a feather, Ning Xuemo set foot on another tree branch. With a face full of smiles, she lifted her small finger and pointed at the cluster of brambles. "You fell into the same place twice. An insect is still an insect, doomed forever to be a shell without a brain!"

    Number Two hurried over. "..."

    'This little girl is not only outrageously quick-witted...' In term of experience, her reaction speed was no less than his, yet he has gone through numerous battles of life and death as an imperial bodyguard!

    Furthermore, she possessed numerous crafty methods, unfathomable and odd as they could be...

    Even if the Flying Dragon Centipede fell into the brambles, Number Two did not dare get careless.

    He unconsciously stood in front of Ning Xuemo to guard her while waiting.

    For those type of monsters with copper shells acting like defense armor, it could immediately extricate itself from traps like those brambles!

    "Hiiiisss..." The Flying Dragon Centipede suddenly let out a long and mournful hiss. Then, its enormous body rolled in the brambles.

    'What's going on?!'

    Number Two was bewildered. Logically speaking, even if the thorns were able to pierce through the Flying Dragon Centipede's skin, it would be minimal at best. It should not have made it lose its fighting strength!

    But this wasn't the last reason for his surprise.

    After the centipede rolled on the brambles, its whole body suddenly started twitching.

    In a short span of time, its body stretched and became stiff. Then, it laid there motionlessly.

    'It died?!'

    Number Two stared blankly for a while. At the same time, he just wanted to go there and examine it.

    "There's no need to check. It's dead."
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