Chapter 135 – Uninvited Guests (1)

    Chapter 135 - Uninvited Guests (1)

    "No need to check. It's dead." Ning Xuemo stated. Her little face looked somewhat pale as she sat on a branch of a big tree.

    It seems like the few provocations she used earlier had consumed most of her strength.

    Although what she said sounded careless, her tone carried complete certainty.

    Since Number Two could become Ji Yunhao's closest guard, it implied that he also possessed real skills and a quick mind.

    Thus, he immediately understood. "This cluster of brambles is poisonous!"

    However, he remembered that those brambles had little toxicity. When pierced by the thorns it would cause scorching pain, but it was far from being deadly. Could it be that poison from the thorns is the Flying Dragon Centipede's bane?

    The uncertainty of the situation bewildered him. Subconsciously, he wanted to go down there to investigate.

    "If you don't believe that it dropped dead like that, you can go down and check." Ning Xuemo spoke.

    Number Two stopped his steps. He lifted his head to look at Ning Xuemo. She sat on a branch, her legs swinging in the air. She looked three parts careless, six parts relaxed, and one part serious.

    "Did you put poison in that thicket of brambles?" Number Two guessed and was 80% correct.

    Ning Xuemo shook the branch and smiled. "If your master was here, would you still try to inquire about the situation to get to the bottom of it?"

    Number Two choked. If his master was here, he would certainly not ask about it.

    He cupped his hands. "Pardon me. This subordinate has exceeded his place."

    Ning Xuemo bent her neck to the side, staring at him. Suddenly, she started laughing. "The truth is I wasn't seriously complaining about you. Any place that often had food big and vicious creatures loved most likely also contained their nemesis. Earlier, I was trying find its nemesis. As expected, I found several trees containing sap growing on the hillside where a certain type of mole dwelled. That place had many traces of the centipede. With its huge body, it devastated the environment into a hideous mess. This is proof that it often came there to hunt. However, there were several undamaged trees and plants. It was clearly evident that those trees and plants were its nemesis. Therefore, I smeared the juice and sap from those plants and trees on the thorns of the brambles..."

    Number Two repeatedly gasped. "You still took some risks. If by any chance those trees and plants were not effectives, you ignorantly returning and provoking that centipede would certainly damn you! You shouldn't have come back..."

    "If I didn't come back to you, would it have dropped dead? I will not abandon any of my comrades." She once again crooked her head and sized him up. "Even though you being a comrade was uncalled for, you secretly protected me the whole way after all."

    'Comrade?' She surprisingly considered him a comrade?

    Number Two's heart warmed. People like him are often considered as cannon fodder or disposable meat shields by their masters. This was the first time he was considered as a comrade because of protecting someone...

    His heart seemed to surge with hot blood.

    Originally, he was dispatched to protect Ning Xuemo in the dark, and somewhere inside his heart, he felt aggrieved over having to protect a waste. At present however, his grievances turned into feelings of thankfulness.

    A radiance flickered inside his eyes. Once again, he bowed to Ning Xuemo. His heart had already decided. He pledged his life to protect Miss Ning and assist her, not because it was his mission, but because of the kindness she showed by recognizing his worth...

    "Miss Ning, where do you plan to go next?"

    Ning Xuemo blinked. She replied with something irrelevant, "I'm hungry."

    Number Two immediately responded, "Miss Ning, please wait for this subordinate to go hunt some food!"


    It was already afternoon. Although they were high above the sea level, the ardent sun shining out there could not warm the dense jungle, leaving the place they stood completely cool and refreshing.
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