Chapter 141 – Silencing People (3)

    Chapter 141 - Silencing People (3)

    "If you both cut yourselves (commit suicide), we might think about leaving your corpses intact. Maybe, if we're in a good mood, we might even bury you both instead of leaving your corpses to dry under the sun." The other young man smiled happily while saying these words.

    All four of them began approaching the brambles step by step...

    "You are such big bullies!" Ning Xuemo stomped her feet, forgetting that she still stood on the brambles' thorns. Suddenly, there was only empty air underneath her feet. She let out a scream as she fell down...

    "Miss Ning!" Number Two moved quickly to catch her.

    For a human, that forest of brambles was much more taller. As Number Two jumped down, his figure quickly vanished from the group of white clothed disciples.

    Zhong Rushuang squinted her eyes. 'Could there be a trap waiting for us inside this cluster of brambles?'

    She sneered inside her heart. "There's no need to pursue them further. Use the Flying Locust formation to trap them inside!" She took the lead and waved her hands. From her palm, a golden light swept through the cluster of brambles and went inside!

    It was obvious that the four of them were used to working as a team; they showed tacit understanding as they separated into four directions to attack the brambles from four different sides.

    All of them possessed extremely powerful skills. This could be seen by their attacks which destroyed the large and hard like steel thorns, as if they were merely paper.

    The thorns and brambles were cut into pieces, creating a rain of thorns with sap splattering everywhere.

    Like a lawn mower, they advanced toward the place Ning Xuemo and Number Two fell...

    The corner of Zhong Rushuang's lips pursed into a cruel smile.

    Ning Xuemo and Number Two hid themselves near the Flying Dragon Centipede's body. In a moment, Zhong Rushuang and her fellow disciples would be able to take the crystal core. Why would they bother to also clean up the surrounding thorny undergrowth at the same time? It was just convenient as currently they have to silence the other two. They could not afford to neglect either task of cleaning the scene or leaving no witnesses to them stealing the core!

    Zhong Rushuang planned to use scattering corpse powder on Ning Xuemo and Number Two after she killed them. That powder had the ability to dissolve corpses into nothingness, ensuring that their secrets would never be known to the world.

    All four of them were impatient to be done with their task and simply did not pay attention to the thorns flying around as they chopped them down.

    In a short span of time, their attacks led them near the place where the dead Flying Dragon Centipede laid.

    Zhong Rushuang could already see part of Number Two's clothes.

    "Hah! My head awfully hurts!" Suddenly, the round faced young woman shouted. Then, she grabbed her head while moaning.

    This was absolutely disgraceful! They were about to mess up this opportunity! Zhong Rushuang cursed in a low voice. She was about to reprimand them when she suddenly felt an intolerable sharp pain from her forehead.

    She couldn't resist crying out as she subconsciously rubbed her head.

    At this instant, she felt as if countless sharp thorns were drilling into her brain, causing random bursts of pain. It was so painful she let out a miserable shriek. Her hands trembled and her feet weakened as she fell to the ground...

    The other three weren't in a much better condition as they rolled on the ground in pain.

    It was obvious that they were in extreme pain. Unable to continue caring about their elegant images being affected, they could only roll on the ground and scream horribly. Those mournful sounds caused the surrounding birds to scatter in fright.

    Ning Xuemo and Number Two came out from their hidden place. They hid right behind the Flying Dragon Centipede moments ago and used the centipede's shell as a shield from the attacks. Thus, they were completely unscathed.

    Number Two watched the four people thrashing in pain on the ground. Then, he looked at Ning Xuemo who stood there with her arms crossed and a smile on her face. "They... What's happening to them?"

    "Poisoned." Ning Xuemo spit out the word, while looking coldly at their struggling forms on the ground wailing in agony.

    Number Two became puzzled. All along he never saw Ning Xuemo put poison in the food.

    'Don't tell me it's the poison she released earlier in this cluster of brambles?'

    'That's not right.' It did not make any sense for those four people to be poisoned, while they who were inside the brambles were not poisoned.

    Anyway, when he looked at the four youths clad in white lying on the ground, he let out a sigh of relief.

    If they really wanted to dispose of them from the start, Ning Xuemo and him were no match to them! They could only wait for their deaths, but right now, they were able to reverse the situation.
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