Chapter 142 – Silencing People (4)

    Chapter 142 - Silencing People (4)

    "Were you the one who poisoned them?" Number Two couldn't resist asking.

    The corner of Ning Xuemo's lips hooked up slightly. "What do you think?" Like this the ball was tossed to him.

    In the end, Number Two shut his mouth and stopped asking.

    "Loathsome girl! What sinister thing did you give us? Quickly, give us the antidote!" Zhong Rushuang endured the pain and loudly shouted at Ning Xuemo.

    "Is it painful?" Ning Xuemo was standing charmingly on top of a thorn, that was swaying to and fro, without making Ning Xuemo fall.

    "Little girl, quickly help detoxify us. We will forget about this offense..." One of the youths, who was once wearing a white cloth, which was now grey from dust, knew that it was not the moment to be brave or stubborn. He tried to conciliate with Ning Xuemo.

    "If I detoxify your poison, will it not be easier for you to attempt to silence us again? Are you people crazy or did you think I was crazy?" Ning Xuemo giggled as she said words that could infuriate those people to death.

    "We, we didn't try to kill you in order to silence you.... It... We were only pranking you earlier. We just wanted to scare you so you will give us the fire crystal core. We didn't really intend to kill you..." Zhong Rushuang tried to endure the pain and stand up several times, but she could not jump on her feet to take revenge on Ning Xuemo. The pain started from her forehead and had spread to her body from there, rendering her helpless and feeling as if she was being cut to pieces by a hatchet and sliced by thousands of blades. She could not even muster any strength to sit.

    "Is that so?" Ning Xuemo pursed her little mouth into a smile. She was not so polite about exposing Zhong Rushuang's lies. "Aren't you afraid that this matter about wanting to rob the crystal core will reach the crown prince's ears and you would not be able to explain yourself in front of him? Therefore, you want to silence us and destroy our corpses. Killing us would solve all your troubles, am I right?"

    Zhong Rushuang's complexion paled. This little girl had unexpectedly guess everything correctly!

    In the end, at this moment, she could only reluctantly admit her mistakes. "Little lady, I was wrong. But it's not like this. We really didn't mean to harm you two. If we really did want to kill the two of you, we would have done so earlier when you were cooking for us...."

    "At that time, you did not make a move because you did not have a clear idea of our situation. You saw the dead Flying Dragon Centipede in our hand but could not ascertain how deep our skills were. You wanted your attack to be successful, so you waited until we relaxed our guards to make a move. Besides, at that time, you were all hungry and also eyeing our cooking skills..." Ning Xuemo used her fingers to enumerate all the reasons Zhong Rushuang did not attack them before.

    Zhong Rushuang's complexion became paler. She did not think that her schemes would be seen through by a little girl. What was more surprising was how thoroughly it was seen through.

    "Tsk! Tsk! Oppressing and making things difficult for other people... I saw all of your mouths are not weak neither are your hands lacking! Eating and drinking from other people, then robbing them and killing them. Is that how you people from Bright Reverence interact with others? How shameless!"

    Zhong Rushuang was speechless. Her crafty plots and machinations were all exposed by that little girl. Even if she was brazen, at this moment, there was not much left of the arrogance on her face.

    "Little girl, where are you going? What did you put in our food earlier? You were also plotting against us earlier on!" Zhong Rushuang was not stupid. Only after pondering a bit, did she clearly realize the hole in Ning Xuemo's logic and couldn't help but retort.

    Then again, she obviously knew from testing the food that there was no poison...

    "Oh? You're not stupid." Ning Xuemo giggled. "You were only half correct. I did add some kind of poison inside the food, but this type of poison could not be considered poisonous when ingested. It could be use as seasoning..."

    "If you had just left, instead of scheming against us, this small matter would not have happened. However, since you ate our food and came back to kill us... Inside those thorns and brambles, the juice and sap contain a type of poison which is not really lethal by itself. Yet, when it's mixed together with the poison you ate and absorbed inside your body, that's another matter altogether!"

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