Chapter 146 – A pair of S&M Master and Disciple? (4)

    Chapter 146 - A pair of S&M Master and Disciple? (4)

    If this kind of person wanted to take Ning Xuemo's life, she won't even have the chance to escape...

    She's just a child, and going up against this kind of Big Boss was like a mantis trying to stop a carriage or an ant trying to shake a tree. In other words, it was completely impossible.

    Number Two nodded. He told Ning Xuemo about the few times Ye Qingluan used Soul Summoning Art on her dead disciples to learn about their murderers and then how she used brutal methods to take revenge.

    Every story was extremely disturbing, and all offenders met death in the most gruesome ways.

    Among those stories, there was one about a certain prince who inadvertently killed a disciple from Bright Reverence. Bright Reverence took their revenge by burning him to death on the city wall. What's more, even though the emperor of that country got angry, he did not dare say a word...

    Ning Xuemo slightly frowned. It seems that Ye Qingluan, compared to her about-to-be-extinct master, was much more of a sadistic pervert. She acted like such a tyrant, but the Ancestor did not discipline her. It could be inferred that there must be some special feelings between them...

    "Why did the Ancestor expel Ye Qingluan?"

    Number Two shook his head. "This is an old story from three hundred years ago. Nobody knows about the real reason, and both Sun Moon Sect and Bright Reverence have their lips sealed tightly. I only heard that the Ancestor only took her in as a disciple for three years before expelling her. Then she disappeared..."

    When Ning Xuemo heard that piece of gossip, she became overflowed with interest. "Do you know if she wants to return to her master's sect? After all, she already became the founding ancestor of her sect which also possesses numerous benefits! She can restrain the disciples and have control over them..."

    Number Two sighed, "Ye... Senior Ye's wish to return to Sun Moon Sect is something the whole continent knows. It couldn't be helped that the Venerable Emperor did not yield to her wish, going as far as to avoid seeing her. I heard Senior Ye used all kind of methods but still cannot meet with him..."

    'This Ancestor is really outwardly cold and inwardly lovable!'

    'It seems that Ye Qingluan really loved the Ancestor!'

    'Then the Ancestor shouldn't be completely heartless towards her?'

    'Otherwise, he would not have indulged her as she ran amok...'

    Perhaps, it might just be the issue of them being master and disciple. He could not allow a stain his reputation; therefore, to save his almighty reputation, he decisively cut off his entanglement with Ye Qingluan by expelling her from the sect. However, inside his heart he also might not be able to let go?

    'Even though three hundred years have passed, he still does not know how to repair that relationship!'

    Ever since he expelled Ye Qingluan, he no longer received another female disciple, making her his sole female disciple...

    'Tsk! Tsk! This situation is somewhat cliché!'

    It seems like she came across some kind of Xianxia's drama plot...

    She did not expect that coming to this world she would see such clichés in real life!

    "Oh right, is Ye Qingluan married? What about the Ancestor?"

    Number Two, seemingly puzzled, looked at her. "Although Senior Ye's personality is a bit... odd, she has her bottom line and wouldn't come in contact with any males. Of course she wouldn't get married either. She has a lot of female disciples. Even if she accepted male disciples, the female disciples would teach them in her place. Hence, the position of her male disciples are a bit lower. As for the Ancestor... the Ancestor is a deity, how would any regular mortal woman deserve him? Naturally he hasn't married anyone either."

    Although this teacher and disciple pair didn't see each other, the man didn't marry and neither did the woman... Ahh! What a tragic master-disciple relationship.

    The two spoke while travelling and soon made their way to the foot of Falling Flower Peak.

    An odd herb grew on Falling Flower Peak. It was called Heavenly Ice Grass. When used alongside a few other herbs, it had the ability to change one's physique with the effects of cleansing the meridians and altering the marrow.

    This was what Ning Xuemo had researched recently. She had already prepared the other herbs, and the only one missing was just this special herb from Falling Flower Peak. Furthermore, this herb could not be preserved for too long or it would lose its effectiveness. It had to be eaten within a few moments together with the other herbs.
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