Chapter 148 – Snakes and Scorpions Mountain

    Chapter 148 - Snakes and Scorpions Mountain

    The situation was certainly strange. At their feet and sides, snakes were crawling yet not a single one attacked them, instead treating them as if they didn't exist.

    Without question, it was certainly the work of that unknown liquid Ning Xuemo had sprayed on them.

    At this time, Number Two had incomparable admiration for Ning Xuemo.

    Normal girls were afraid of snakes. He had once seen a psychokinesis genius who was a young lady scream herself hoarse, sounding like a pig being butchered when she saw a snake.

    Now that they were in a snake nest, even he was scared to the point of paling and only managed to keep his legs from trembling by exerting tremendous self-control.

    However, Ning Xuemo, this little girl, was at such ease despite being in the midst of a swarm of snakes. Her movements were light and easy, while her face didn't even have a change in expression or colour. Even when a one-meter-long snake fell from a tree branch above them onto her neck, scaring Number Two into a cold sweat, Ning Xuemo didn't even blink as she stood there ignoring the snake as it wound itself around her and onto the ground...

    'Which bastard said Marquis Ning's daughter was weak and cowardly without a single merit?!'

    'Whoever said that was simply blind!'

    From all that he witnessed on this journey with her, this girl was simply an all-round wonderful genius!

    Smart, wise, brave and a careful planner. Not to mention, she had a mind far remote from the common people and resourceful!

    She was not any worse than her father when he was alive. Whoever could marry her simply had luck accumulated through eight generations[1].

    A pity that his prince didn't have this kind of luck and had given up this outstanding girl...

    And it was in this situation where there were a few scares but no real dangers that they made their way through the swarm of snakes. Although Number Two had been scared into breaking out in cold sweat, he still managed to hold on. Other than a pale white face, he was fine.

    "What was the liquid you sprayed on us earlier? They seemed to treat us as their kind..." Number Two couldn't help getting curious.

    Ning Xuemo lifted her snow white finger to her lips as she smiled. "Secret~! It's my own formula."

    Number Two was silent. Since it was a secret, it wouldn't be appropriate for him to continue inquiring, so he simply looked back in front and asked, "There should still be scorpions ahead right? Will this scent on our bodies still be useful?"

    "We're using another one." Ning Xuemo replied concisely. She brought out two other small medicinal bottles and used one bottle for each of them.

    The smell this time was even more off-putting than the previous one. The foul stench nearly caused Number Two to sneeze.

    "Why does it smell like chicken **?" Number Two nearly wanted to pinch his nose; this stench will kill him!

    Ning Xuemo's eyes curved. "Do you want to scare off scorpions with a foul stench or invite them to dine on you by smelling good?"

    Fine, he'll endure this.

    They had already gone deep into the mountain top, and they finally got to see what the scorpions here looked like.

    The number of scorpions was far fewer than the number of snakes. Furthermore, they acted alone more often than the snakes. Large ones could reach the size of a pipa, while small ones were still at least as large as a circular fan. Their movements were swift like lightning. Their upraised tails were smooth seemed like a raised flag...

    Number Two's heart could not be at ease. He knew that his body smelled like a giant chicken, and he knew that people said that scorpions were afraid of chickens. But, all of these scorpions were larger than chickens, would this stench still deter them?

    However, it was clear that he was thinking too much. A natural enemy was a natural enemy; the scorpions here were simply scared of chickens... That is, they were scared off by the smell of chicken ** on Number Two and Ning Xuemo's bodies.

    Wherever they went, the scorpions there would hurriedly flee, and in a blink of an eye, they would burrow themselves into the underbrush. It was simply a case where reality defied expectations...

    [1] The Chinese believe that some of their good luck comes from the good karma accumulated by their ancestors doing meritorious or good deeds.
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