Chapter 149 – Comrades

    Chapter 149 - Comrades

    Everyone had treated this place like a forbidden ground, but now it seems that as long as you have the correct method of exploring! it wouldn't be considered as terrible...

    In the future, as long as he wanted to pick this herb, he could bring a chicken or maybe smear his body with some chicken **...

    The only problem would be learning how to easily bypass that swarm of snakes. Even now he did not even know what scent he was splashed with, let alone how to manufacture it.

    "Don't be getting any ideas." Ning Xuemo spoke, clearly seeing through his thoughts. "Normal roosters won't work! The scent on our bodies comes from the Celestial Chicken, the natural predator of this type of scorpion..."

    'So it was like this!'

    Number Two couldn't help looking at her. It seems like this little fellow had not been short on preparations; Her research on this place was extremely thorough!

    It seems like this lass did not come here to gamble with her life. She already had a well-thought out plan...

    As they both turned around the hillside, their eyes suddenly lit up. A wide expanse of starry ocean spread before their eyes...

    No, to be exact, it was as if the stars in the sky were growing as grass below their feet..

    The star-like grass was densely packed into 40 to 50 stalks. Every single stalk was about 30cm high and light blue in colour. The leaves were rounded, moist and thick. A layer of silvery-white speckled the leaves, making them shine like little stars. Under the light of the fading dusk, they glimmered faintly while exuding waves of a refreshing scent.

    'Heavenly Ice Grass! I didn't expected there were so many stalks here!'

    Number Two's eyes lit up and he was ready to dash forwards.

    However, Ning Xuemo halted his footsteps with a gesture. Then she took out a short blade which shone with crimson light. "Take out your weapons!"

    Number Two was startled. Was she thinking about fighting him for the herbs?!

    "Miss Ning rest assured. All the herbs here are yours, this one would not ask for even a single stalk."

    Ning Xuemo rolled her eyes. "Cut the crap! Take out your blade so I can smear drugs on it! There are different types of snakes and scorpions which live in this grass and they can only be killed by a special drug!"

    'So it was like this!'

    Number Two sighed in relief as he gave his sword to her.

    Ning Xuemo took out a transparent medicinal paste and applied it on the edge of the blade before returning it to him. "Don't use it too excessively, I only have so much. Remember, only take one stalk of grass each before retreating! Don't get greedy!"

    She spoke in an imposing manner. Number Two was stunned for a moment. "This one- This humble one can also take a stalk?"

    "Of course! Since we have stumbled upon a mountain of treasures, how can you return empty-handed? This herb can help you improve a bit your physique. After harvesting, immediately swallow the leaves. Remember, don't eat the stem. You must not forget this!"

    Number Two's heart was very touched as he spoke softly. "Many thanks!"

    In the Chang Kong Country, no matter what treasures guards found, they all belonged to the master. Even if it was a large patch of herbs, the master would monopolise it all, without giving them anything.

    That was unless they had performed some great merit, in which case the master might award them a bit...

    And right now, for some reason, despite only being able to pick two stalks, Ning Xuemo surprisingly would let him have one stalk!

    For this kind of girl, even if he were to die for her sake, it would be hard to repay her kindness!

    Number Two breathed out as he spoke. "Miss Ning, can only two stalks be picked? This one doesn't want it, it is more useful if used by Miss Ning."

    "Stop wasting your words. Since I let you pick a stalk, just take it! Remember, when harvesting the herb pay, attention to area near the roots as toxin can fly out from it. It's also where the poisonous creatures will appear from..."

    "Understood!" Number Two replied.

    Ning Xuemo's eyes curved. "Good, then let us begin!"

    Saying so, her body flew towards the patch of Heavenly Ice Grass...
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