Chapter 155 – The Strange Lake

    Chapter 155 - The Strange Lake

    Number Two seemed to have thought about the same thing as Ning Xuemo and didn't dare to move anymore.

    In her original life, Ning Xuemo went on many airplanes, but this was the first time she flew on a bird's head!

    In its beak, it was holding onto a human, while another human was hanging onto its head. The weight caused it to feel uncomfortable, and it couldn't resist shaking its head in an attempt to fling Ning Xuemo off.

    The feeling of suddenly diving up and down at high altitudes was a thousand times more stimulating than riding a roller coaster, but ten thousand times more dangerous!

    Ning Xuemo's stomach churned fiercely as felt like she about to vomit!

    She kept a death grip on the bird's feathers while her body was being thrown and flung in every direction. It was extremely dangerous.

    In contrast to Ning Xuemo, Number Two was somewhat safer. He was terrified as he watched Ning Xuemo and couldn't resist yelling at her to be careful.

    Ning Xuemo also knew she was in a precarious situation. Her clothes were already torn at two places due to this damn bird's shaking. Leaving one last place that kept her from falling. She was hanging on that single piece of cloth that she gripped with her hands, allowing her to hold onto the bird.

    She inhaled a breath and forced down the nausea welling inside her as she felt the sensation of being weightless from the drop of altitude. Her body suddenly flipped upwards and she managed to land on the bird's head again. She just laid there on top of its head.

    After that, she used both her arms and her legs to steady herself.

    Due to her small stature, she didn't weigh very much. Her lying on top of the bird's head allowed it to feel more at ease. It was also tired out, so it headed straight for Tianshu Mountain's 9th peak.

    Though they weren't in any immediate danger, the situation wasn't looking good.

    They were reaching the 9th peak. Rumours say that only the schools' heads dared to trespass in that mysterious place.

    She was only a rookie in this world and Number Two would still be half-dead, even if he was able to extrincate himself from the falcon's beak without dying. Would they be able to escape from the 9th peak in their conditions?

    "Miss Ning, I have implicated you..." Number Two was full of guilt.

    "Don't talk so much. Preserve your energy!" Ning Xuemo wasn't polite with him. The current situation was not one to fuss with courtesy. Preserving their energy so that they could grab every opportunity to live was more important!

    The falcon flew very fast. The wind felt bitingly cold, viciously blowing on her skin, and causing her to be unable to keep her eyes open.

    Riding on a bird's head at such a high altitude was bound to cause some dizziness. She simply shut her eyes and rested for a bit.

    Although the future was uncertain, as long as there was a strand of hope, she had to continue living!

    They flew like this for around half an hour when the falcon's speed started to slow down.

    Ning Xuemo's eyes shot open. The scenery below them changed quickly as countless large trees flashed past.

    She looked in the direction the bird was flying in and saw a rugged black cliff in the distance. Without question, the falcons' nest was on top of the cliff.

    They definitely could not allow this bird to bring them there, else they would die without a doubt!

    Her eyes frantically searched for a good landing point.

    However, this bird always flew at a high altitude. Furthermore, the only things below them were trees and rocks. If she fell down, no matter where she landed, she would be smashed into a pulp...

    Despair was creeping into her heart, when suddenly she heard the sounds of a waterfall.

    Her eyes lit up. If there was a waterfall, there would be a lake. If they could manage to land in the lake, they could be saved!

    She braced herself. First she cut off the last piece of cloth that held her firmly onto the bird's feathers. Then she used that piece of cloth to cover one of the falcon's eyes.

    Any bird would unconsciously fly towards places they could see, and this falcon was no exception.

    Ning Xuemo used this method to correct the falcon's course so that it headed towards the sound of water...

    The sound of water got louder and louder and a little ways ahead a lake could be seen. The lake's area wasn't small and the lakewater was a deep blue colour, indicating that it was very deep.

    'Heaven didn't forsake me!'

    "Pay attention, get ready to escape!"

    Ning Xuemo gave Number Two instructions.

    Number Two's body immediately tensed.

    When the falcon was about to fly over the lake, using the bird's feathers to swing, Ning Xuemo suddenly fiercely stabbed one of its eyes with her short sword!
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