Chapter 160 – Trapped In a Hopeless Situation (2)

    Chapter 160 - Trapped In a Hopeless Situation (2)

    On top of its wings, on its body, on its legs... Injuries of different shapes started opening on these places. Some appeared to have been torn apart, others appeared to have been inflicted by sharp weapons, while others appeared to have been caused by something pecking...

    Ning Xuemo who was watching this was startled and a little terrified. It seems like this bird had encountered the same thing that happened to her in the water, receiving the attacks of the creatures in the "illusions". Furthermore, the injuries were real!

    A cold wind suddenly blew past Ning Xuemo's body. The sound of the wind was fierce, and it brought with it a strange and fishy scent!

    Ning Xuemo's reaction was quick. The moment she noticed the situation take a turn for the worse, she immediately let go with both of her hands as she she fell, with a splash, into the lake once more.

    Almost at the same time, she heard the miserable shriek of the bird. Its two legs had been sliced off by something. Momentarily losing its balance, its body tilted as it plummeted towards the lake.

    This bird was obviously a landlubber. After thrashing around in the water for a while, it slowly sunk to the bottom.

    The lake's surface once again regained its former calm. Tiny waves lightly lapped as if nothing had occurred.

    All the hair on Ning Xuemo's body stood up straight!

    It seems not only was this lake strange, even the air above was queer!

    Furthermore, this lake didn't appear to be hiding any mechanism or array in it. Could it be the legendary Immortals' restrictions?

    She wouldn't fall like this right?!

    She dazedly gazed around as she felt a type of hopeless despair engulf her.

    If she knew this would happen, she might as well have agreed to the old emperor's proposal and become his "Beast Consort"!

    It was better that than to be suffering here...

    This dispirited thought only flashed through her mind for a moment before she grit her teeth and roused her spirits.

    Her character was one where she wouldn't easily give up, not even at the very last moment. Other people would keep going while some hope was left, but her willpower would last even after she died!

    Unless she breathed her last, even if she had to blindly stumble her way around, she would stumble her way onto a path to life!

    She did not believe that this place was completely devoid of any chance for survival!

    Perhaps this chance for survival was not too far off. Perhaps if she once again looked diligently...

    She took a deep breath. Since it was useless no matter which direction she swam, she might as well stay afloat at her original position so that she could calm down and recover a bit of energy.

    The surrounding waves rippled slightly. As she floated around, countless thin and weak electrical currents streamed into her body and flowed through all her meridians and acupuncture points...

    These "electrical currents" were different from the inner energy she had cultivated. Wherever they went, it was as if green vines were wriggling and, along the way, brilliant flowers started to bloom, making her body feel lighter by a few kilograms...

    When those "electrical currents" reached her dantian, they paused before suddenly vanishing without a trace.

    Ning Xuemo "..."

    Other people's dantians stored psychokinesis, but her dantian seemed to swallow psychokinesis!

    She had only cultivated a little bit of psychokinesis, yet it only needed to pass through this place and it would be devoured cleanly!

    Was some kind of psychokinesis-devouring monster hiding inside her dantian?

    Ning Xuemo focused her inner sight to her utmost as she attempted to look into the situation in her dantian. However, she only saw a vast stretch of white fog...

    'The hell with it!'

    Ning Xuemo knew what other people saw when they used inner sight to view their dantians. As long as they could cultivate psychokinesis, once they used inner sight, they would be able to see their spirit root which appeared as a crystal pillar. The taller the spirit root, the stronger their psychokinesis.

    As for her, do not even talk about a spirit root, she could not even catch sight of half a spirit leaf!

    After going through so much, she was quite hungry. Her stomach felt like it was being burned by a fire.

    She lifted her head. Suddenly she saw the large bird which had originally sunk to the bottom of the lake surface again. It emerged not far from her. She swam over and took out her short blade...
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