Chapter 161 – Trapped In a Hopeless Situation (3)

    Chapter 161 - Trapped In a Hopeless Situation (3)

    This bird's body did not have skin like copper or bones like iron. Its meat was easy to slice off. She easily sliced off two pieces. Uncaring of the stench, she stuffed one into her mouth.

    This bird was grotesque; its meat was rather tough from age. Chewing it was as tough as chewing leather.

    Ning Xuemo forced herself to swallow the two pieces before ceasing to eat anymore.

    'Oh right, Number Two had said that the magic beasts here all had cores in their bodies. Since this bird was born on the 9th peak, it must have reached psychokinesis rank 8.'

    'There could be a high-level crystal core in its body!'Original and most updated translations are from volaretranslations.

    If she could survive through this and bring this crystal core back, it would surely cause a storm, making this trip worthwhile!

    She immediately started to dissect the large bird. Fortunately, she already watched how Number Two extracted the crystal core earlier, so she knew where the crystal core should be located at.

    An hour passed and she finally managed to pry out a red and transparent crystal core in the shape of an antler from under the weird bird's breastbone.

    This crystal core was only around 30 centimeters long and less than 2.5 centimeters wide. The first impression it gave was that it seemed delicate and exquisite.

    Ning Xuemo examined the core for a while. 'The grade of this core should not be the same as the Flying Dragon Centipede's one, right? It seems like the cores that appeared on the 9th peak were different from the ones that appeared on the 6th peak!'

    She held the crystal core as she tried to feel the energy in it. However, she had only just used a bit of energy when she felt the energy in the core pour into her body from her palm. It was as if her entire arm had lightning running through it: it numbed immediately!

    This numbness spread too quickly. In the blink of an eye, it occupied her entire body. She could feel that at this moment her entire body seemed to be as stiff as a piece of wood. She wanted to let go of the core in her hand but was unable to and could only endure that burning energy fiercely rampaging in her body. In the blink of an eye, it had charged into her dantian...

    What happened this time was just like before. Not even a spark had escaped before it completely disappeared.

    When that energy finally disappeared, Ning Xuemo regained her awareness.

    She widened her eyes only to discover that she seemed to have sunk like an iron peg in the water for more than 20 meters below. She hurriedly moved her limbs and finally managed to surface.

    That was strange. Although the energy that red crystal core brought her just now was a bit unbearable, after that energy disappeared, she unexpectedly felt quite comfortable. The inner energy in her dantian had also unexpectedly grown quite substantially!

    Once again looking at the red crystal core in the water, she got a fright. The formerly red crystal core that was like the morning sun had now turned into a piece of greyish white bone!

    It was as if all the energy in it was completely sucked dry by her.

    This situation was a bit strange. Ning Xuemo tossed aside that bone before looking at her own hand.

    Her small hand showed a red blush; her ten fingers were thin and long, plus it seemed as if it was more moist and tender looking than before.

    The small callus on her palm also thinned to the point that it nearly couldn't be seen.

    Ning Xuemo was stunned for a moment. It could not be possible that in her hand she possesses the legendary "Star Devouring Grand Art"[1]?!

    She shook her head. She didn't want to dig deeper in these minor issues. First, she had to find a way out! Find a way out of this lake, then ponder on her body's strangeness.

    Once again, she carefully examined her surroundings. Suddenly, she discovered that her eyesight seemed to have improved, allowing her to see further. Earlier, when she looked at the shore, she could only see a big trees and could vaguely see the branches. Now, she could surprisingly see in details the highest leaf on the tree and in which direction it swayed!

    Since even the area above the lake had this restriction, it proved that the restriction does not only encompass the lake but also its surroundings...

    Ning Xuemo's gaze once again landed on the surrounding mountain peaks. Suddenly, she discovered that the four that were shaped like the saint beasts had slightly changed!

    'How baffling. Mountains can also move around?'

    Once again, she stared at the surrounding eight mountain peaks for a long time before finally discovering that these eight mountains even causes the lake in the middle to slowly move!

    [1] That skill was mastered by Ren Woxing, the leader of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, not the owner of WuxiaWorld. Ren Woxing is a character from Louis Cha's (Jin Yong) novel, The Smiling Proud Wanderer.

    Random : Ning Xuemo is a fan of Jin Yong and a wuxia novels reader. Remember all the references she made so far?
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