Chapter 162 – Trapped in a Hopeless Situation (4)

    Chapter 162 - Trapped in a Hopeless Situation (4)

    And with its movement, its shape began to change. The white tiger shaped mountain grew longer and seemed to be leaning more towards the figure of an azure dragon...

    Her heart suddenly moved. 'Could this be the Nine Stars Eight Trigrams Grand Formation[1]?'

    The more she thought about it the more she felt it was true, causing her to feel shocked.

    She had read about the Nine Stars Eight Trigrams Grand Formation in a book. It had the ability to confuse even ghosts and deities. If she had the correct materials, she would also be able to lay down this formation.

    However, the materials needed to create this formation required stones and trees and it had to be placed on a large rotary surface. It also needed to correspond to the nine planets in the sky.

    Because the requirements to lay down the formations were harsh, Ning Xuemo knew about the theory but had never put it into practise.

    Yet, she had not thought that she would see it here. Furthermore being set up using mountains was completely outside of her expectations!

    Making the mountains in its surroundings move, this was an incredible feat. As expected, the things in this world could not be judged using common sense.

    Ning Xuemo lamented. Since she had already seen through this formation, naturally, she also knew how to break through this formation.

    While in the water, she executed the method to break through the formation. Swimming forward a meter before retreating half a meter followed by swimming diagonally by 30cm before doing a sidelong swim for 90cm...

    She constantly changed directions in the water and sure enough, the illusions did not appear...

    Two hours later, her eyes suddenly lit up. The surroundings around her had completely changed!

    The large lake was still that large lake and didn't show any changes. However, the surroundings around the lake were completely different.

    The saint beast mountains had vanished without a trace, replaced by a tall mountain that shot straight into the clouds, like a graceful beauty towering in all four directions. The entire mountain peak was covered in ice and snow and, under the moonlight, it became a stretch of sparkling crystal clear white.

    And on both sides of the mountain, there were two waterfalls flowing down like white silk. It flowed majestically into the big lake.

    From both side of the big mountain peak, smaller mountain peaks could be seen, giving off the image of a fairy sitting while being attended by two boys servants on both sides. The peak as well as the middle of the mountain was shrouded in white clouds. Covered by clouds and shrouded by mists, it appeared as ethereal as a dream.

    The first impression one got was that of a tall deity above the mortal world bringing immortal children along for a stroll in the world...

    Ning Xuemo stared at the tallest mountain. The mountain was completely snow white, without any other colours staining it.

    She faintly felt that this mountain was somewhat familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere before.

    After staring at it for a long while she was suddenly enlightened. This mountain was not like a beautiful woman, but it was similar to that Ancestor!

    The mountain was like him wearing the large white robe while the glaciers at the top were like his long hair...

    It was not completely similar since the Ancestor's hair was dark like ink while the "hair" on this mountain was snow white...

    Other than this point, this mountain extremely resembled the Ancestor.

    'Could it be that Ancestor found this mountain and made it in his likeness?'

    'Snort! That's very possible! A super swindler naturally had a super swindler way of pretending...'

    She had already climbed onto the shore. Green grass grew like a carpet on the shore. When she sat on it, it was like she was sitting on a soft sofa, extremely comfortable.

    'So tired!' She was really tired!

    Tired to the point that all the bones in her body seemed as if they wanted to fall apart. She did not dare to lie down else she might never get up.

    Because there was no one to guard her and this place was dangerous, she did not dare to completely let down her guard and only shut her eyes to take a breather. She still focused on the movements in her surroundings...

    Suddenly, she seemed to have discovered something as her eyes shot open. She turned her head to look at the large lake behind her.
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