Chapter 164 – So Fresh and Juicy, How Amazing! (1)

    Chapter 164 - So Fresh and Juicy, How Amazing! (1)

    Wasn't there a legend that said you need to pierce the ginseng child where their life originated from, so that it won't be able to run away?

    Was it the head, the neck, the chest, the legs or the feet? There was too many myths about it that she couldn't remember...

    Currently, she got closer to the boy's back. She kept herself near the water surface. Under the moonlight, she saw that the skin on the boy's back was like carved jade, without a single blemish.

    His silver hair was like fine silk, meandering into the water as if it was the moonlight itself. The view of his back sitting like that was more beautiful than one can imagine. It made one waver at the thought of piercing such a beautiful existence...

    Suddenly, Ning Xuemo felt her hand somewhat falter.

    'Forget it. In legends, it was mentioned that you need to bind it with red thread.' She could just simply pierce its apron with the needle and coil its neck with the thread dyed in her blood!

    With that plan, she could only coil the thread from upfront...

    Once again, she silently dived into the water, but her heart trembled as she was unable to  bypass the roots of the green foliage under the platform.

    The platform of green foliage looked surprisingly like a giant tree below. It was supported by an enormous single root branching into countless smaller ones, criss-crossing underwater. They were densely knitted together.

    It was so tightly interlaced together that it created an area of empty space where streams of water could be seen penetrating into the hollow space. Even underwater, Ning Xuemo could hear the sound of water falling in that hollow space of air.

    'Could it be that this boy was not only taking in the Moon's essence, but he's also absorbing this lake's spiritual energy?'

    This is really quite a good method. The spiritual energy here was the densest. If one was to properly cultivate here, in only one year, a cultivator would obtain more than 100 years worth of normal cultivation.

    No wonder this ginseng infant was so full of life and looked breathtaking...

    'Hehehe! I'll let you finished cultivating, so that everything will end up in my stomach!'

    She looked like a snake hunting for its prey. She quietly swam until she was in front of it. She slowly approached it. Suddenly, she rose out of the water!

    The silver needle flew like a ray of light towards the boy's apron with the red thread attached to the other end.

    Fast, accurate, and fierce!

    These three words perfectly described Ning Xuemo's move. At this moment, the boy was completely unguarded against her attack. He didn't even open his eyes. The silver needle was about to pierce through his apron.

    But then, just when the needle came into contact with the apron, it seemed as if it was crushed by a machine. This surprised Ning Xuemo, as she witnessed the needle shattering into nothingness in a flash.

    At this crucial moment, the red thread still possessed momentum and continued further, due to the initial force of the throw. It ended up winding around the boy's body...


    Ning Xuemo moved extremely fast. By the time the red thread flew around the boy's body, she already jumped out of the water. Like a starving tiger who was about to feast, she pounced on the boy!

    "Bam!" Ning Xuemo fell on the platform. She only met with nothingness...

    She anxiously opened her eyes, but found that there was no trace not even the shadow of the sitting boy.


    When she charged at him earlier, her arms were clearly about to hold onto his body!

    She didn't expect that when her arms were about to join together, she only held into empty air...

    'How did it disappear?' Her red thread had clearly wrapped around him!

    Ning Xuemo hastily searched for the red thread. She had tied the thread around her pinky beforehand, while the other end should be wrapped around the ginseng child. The thread was currently still attached to her. As for the other end, it still had not entered the water...

    That ginseng child was in the water! It deserved to be called a monster that could cultivate. It was still on guard!

    Ning Xuemo moved and was about to jump into the water.

    However, she was completely defenseless against the platform of green foliage that suddenly rose dramatically and flew around....

    It was incredibly clear that this platform treated her like dumplings' stuffing!

    No need to say that this was a sly attack from the ginseng child!

    Ning Xuemo's toes barely touch the platform as she used them to quickly jump and leap everywhere. From all directions, the platform was folding as it flew!
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