Chapter 166 – So Fresh and Juicy, How Amazing! (3)

    Chapter 166 - So Fresh and Juicy, How Amazing! (3)

    The other end of the red silk thread seemed as if it was tied to a huge mountain. She wasn't able to pull the other side to her; instead, she staggered from the other side's struggle, causing her pinky to be extremely painful.

    The thin thread cut into her palm, drawing out blood. The blood seethed out like beads of pearl and dripped down...

    On the other end, the thread was still pulling on the boy's finger. The pull merely made him slightly frown.

    In response to the force Ning Xuemo used on the thread, once again, he fixed his gaze on the green sphere as if he could see Ning Xuemo's figure through the layers of leaves.

    She suddenly had a vague premonition of danger. She sensed a pair of ice-cold eyes sizing her up!

    This feeling was so distinctive that it made her whole body stiffen in a moment!

    'The Ancestor?!'

    'Did he come here?!'

    'Wrong! The Ancestor is still acting like an ice sculpture in Chang Kong's Imperial Palace right now!'

    'It was said that he will stay there for three days. It hasn't even been two days yet. He should still be sitting in meditation. How could he possible come to this place?'

    'An illusion, this must be an illusion...'

    At this moment, her blood finally dropped at her feet onto the platform of leaves. But the green leaves were strange. Her blood didn't seep into the leaves. Instead, her drop of blood looked like a crimson pearl rolling around...

    Without warning, the foliage shook like it wanted to avoid getting into contact with her blood. It strongly shook as if it wanted that pearl of blood to roll away from it. It shook until her drop of blood rolled out of the sphere from a small opening. Just when the blood rolled out, the sphere quickly closed the opening.

    'EH?!' The green leaves were afraid of her blood?

    Ning Xuemo finally saw her hope for survival.

    Without any hesitation, she took her short blade and slashed her hand. The cut was much deeper than the one made by the thread. Blood gushed out like a small rivulet.

    Then, she spun on herself like a spinning top, and with her blood soaked hand, she randomly smeared it on the walls around her.

    The foliage twisted around in order to avoid her hand. She was able to quickly force the walls to fall apart, opening a way for her. Ning Xuemo was finally able to see the starlight glittering in the sky.

    Almost at the same time she saw the sky, she quickly rushed out from that gap!

    Although she couldn't determine his exact position, she still charged directly toward the direction where the ginseng boy stood!

    "Little ginseng child, let's see where you will run to this time?"

    The instant Ning Xuemo escaped from the trap, the boy's fingers appeared to be forming some kind of seal. But the moment he heard her words, he felt slightly stunned.

    During that brief moment when he was slightly distracted, Ning Xue already pounced at him!

    Her movements were fast like lightning. She threw herself towards him head-on. It was too late for him to dodge.

    "Splash!" They both fell into the water in a big splash, while holding onto each other.

    His skin was like satin, delicate and smooth as if it was made from white milk chocolate. Ning Xuemo was an adept at grappling. Her right arm held onto his body, while confining his two arms in place in a tight hold. At the same time, her left arm restrained his two calves, preventing him from moving his limbs.

    A big and a small figure struggled inside the water. After a while of struggling against each other, Ning Xuemo was forcefully able to balance herself in water with her legs.

    She was still holding him. At this moment, the distance between her face and his little face was extremely close as they glared at each other.

    The little child's eyes were a limpid blue like a fascinating ocean. It reflected a calmness similar to a frozen lake, but it was also stubborn like raging waves.

    It caused Ning Xuemo's heart to skip a beat!

    Since she knew that the other party was a ginseng child, after she secured it, she just wanted to take a bite of it.

    However, when she looked at those eyes, she was unable to bite it...

    She pressed her lips against his cheek. It was really soft to the point it felt as if water could be squeezed out of it. It was also smooth as if her lips was touching a piece of warm mutton fat jade.

    That little child was really not used to being in such close contact with someone, so he was struggling to get free inside Ning Xuemo's arms. His head was slightly slanted in order to avoid Ning Xuemo's lips.
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