Chapter 170 – He is Her Ingredient (3)

    Chapter 170 - He is Her Ingredient (3)

    The child's flesh felt tender like a lotus root, making her want to take a bite of it. However, she didn't want to wound him.

    Although the knife was still pressed on his neck, he behaved appropriately.

    He faintly sighed. "Then release me and I'll give you ginseng."

    Her hold on him was tight to the point that he could not even withdraw his hand.

    "If I release you, you will escape!" Ning Xuemo didn't loosen her hold. "Just directly turn back like this!"

    The little child, "......"

    He gritted his teeth. "Rest assured that this Ki... I won't run away! So, let one of my hands go and I'll give you a 100 year old ginseng."

    Ning Xuemo held a bit of suspicion. This little child was incredibly sly. Earlier, he made her eat a huge loss, thus she had no choice but to stay on guard.

    She pondered for short moment and released one of his hands, the one that was tied with a red thread. "Hurry up! If you dare to play any tricks, I'll slice off your little head!" Ning Xuemo moved her weapon to his throat to threaten him.

    He really didn't have the intention of playing any tricks. His little hand lightly patted his apron, and then a rather thick ginseng appeared.

    Ning Xuemo's eyes brightened. She raised her hand to receive the ginseng.

    That ginseng must be a 100 years old as seen by its complete shape, how white and fat it was, and how even the tassels had more than several roots.

    Ning Xuemo smiled to the point that her eyes narrowed. With this ginseng, she would be able to eat to her fill and won't need to stay hungry for a while.

    It appeared that the child in her bosom was a real ginseng child. If this wasn't the case, how would it be able to take out a ginseng just by patting its apron?

    She really picked up a treasure!

    Could it be that his apron is a hundred treasures purse?

    He patted it, ginseng appeared, then what if she patted it?

    Ning Xuemo belonged to the category of people labelled as doers; if they thought about something, they would immediately do it. Thus, she also patted his apron...

    The result was... not even a shrimp appeared.

    She felt unresigned and straightforwardly patted everywhere: from top to bottom, she patted without watching where she was patting and accidentally patted where she shouldn't have...

    At first, the child wore a smile that wasn't a real smile and looked at her antics; but at this moment, his expression changed while his fingertips formed a mysterious seal.

    A white ray of light flashed in front of her eyes. Dazzled, she subconsciously closed her eyes. Suddenly, her arms became empty. She hurriedly opened her eyes, but the little child had already disappeared.

    'F*ck, I still let him escape!'

    Ning Xuemo jumped off the rock and hurriedly looked at the ground around her.

    Generally, when a ginseng child tried to escape, they would use a ground escaping method, so he could have only escaped underground...

    However, the ground all around her was a wide expanse of abundant and fragrant of grass, even one decent hole couldn't be seen.

    She looked at the red thread tied on her pinky. The other side of the thread that was tied to the ginseng child, who ran off to who knows where, swayed in the wind and fluttered in the air.

    She once again tried to find the direction he escape to, but no matter how she searched, nothing came out of it.

    She sighed, then sat on the big rock once again.

    'Run away then!' The truth was even if he remained in her hands, she wasn't quite sure what she wanted to do with him.

    After all, she didn't want to bite or chew him, and carrying him around was cumbersome.

    Fortunately, he gave her a ginseng which should be enough to keep her hunger at bay.

    She was afraid that the ginseng child was up to mischief, so she poked the ginseng with a silver needle. She confirmed that there was no poison. This meant she could enjoy her meal.

    In fact, she was extremely hungry. The ginseng was as big as a little radish, but it didn't take her much time to gobble everything up. Finally, she was able to calm her hunger.

    That child did not cheat her. He did give her a ginseng that seemed to be at least a hundred years old.

    Since she had only just exited the water, added to the fact that the temperature was far colder at this high altitude, her entire body was icy cold to the point that she nearly couldn't stop shivering.
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