Chapter 171 – He is Her Ingredient (4)

    Chapter 171 - He is Her Ingredient (4)

    However, after she ate the ginseng a warm sensation burst out from her stomach and heat circulate throughout her whole body. In a short moment, the cold vanished, and unexpectedly, sweat percolated on her forehead.

    She wiped off her sweat. 'This ginseng is really a 100 years old! If this wasn't the case, it wouldn't have shown such potency!'

    She shouldn't have eaten it like a radish. She already ate it though, so she had to circulate its energy and allow it to display its full effects.

    She looked at her surroundings. It was quiet without any sounds of movement, except for the wind blowing.

    Surprisingly, this place was like a Shangri-la[1]. She went ashore for such a long time, but there were no legendary ferocious magical beasts in sight.

    She was after all a lone existence. To stay alone in such a dangerous place wouldn't make her feel at ease. She got up and began to move around the big stones by the lake.

    Currently, the inner force inside of her had built up to a crucial point where moving around some big stone wasn't strenuous anymore. She moved some to the East and put others to the West, arranging all of them into a certain pattern, forming an array of stones...

    She had a bit of skill when it came to setting up arrays, and this was an array created using ancient Chinese divination. The formation is divided into eight gates with unlimited variations and could obstruct an army of 100,000 soldiers.

    She sat in the middle of the array so that she would be protected from any magical beasts that wanted to charge inside, keeping them away from her.

    When everything was properly arranged, she could finally let out a sigh of relief. She sat on that big stone and entered meditation.

    She didn't notice that not far from her position on a big tree a figure of a small child appeared.

    At this moment, the apron he had worn earlier could not be seen. It has been replaced by a chinese gown, white as snow with a faint dark pattern resembling a big moon on his back. As the moonlight shone on him, the pattern seemed to come to life and faintly moved.

    In the light breeze, his silver hair danced along with his white gown. The sight created a beautiful picture.

    It was a pity that Ning Xuemo didn't see it. She had already entered a state of meditation.

    The child stood at a high point on the big tree having a panoramic view of the surroundings. From above, his deep blue eyes sized up Ning Xuemo, who sat in the middle of the stone array.

    'She arranged that array?'

    It was the first time he saw a stone array that did not need psychokinesis to be set up...

    'Did she really think that such a messy arrangement of stones can keep the ferocious magical beasts here at bay?'

    If the most senior ranked magical beast was to wave his claws a few times, it could turn those stones into dust...

    'In the end, she is still a child. Hmph! How naive.'

    His sight once again focused on her sitting posture.

    At this moment, Ning Xuemo was cultivating her inner force. Thus, her meditation posture was one that facilitated the cultivation of inner force, which was completely different from the posture psychokinesis cultivators used.

    At this moment, he became astonished by the sight of Ning Xuemo completely drenched in sweat with her clothes completely sticking to her body. He could see the slightest change on her skin and determined the circulation of the inner energy inside her body.

    'Odd cultivation method, queer aura, eccentric little girl...'

    He had lived for so many centuries, but it was the first time he saw such an eccentric little girl."

    Ning Xuemo's inner force circulated more and more rapidly, causing more heat to be released from her body, and from the naked eye, one could see her clothes instantly drying...

    On top of her head, a white aura was released, and from afar it seemed as if steam came out from her head.

    The little child attentively watched the "steam" coming out from Ning Xuemo's head with interest and completely forgot to continue cultivating.

    After looking for a while, his eyes faintly glinted. He lightly twisted and broke a mass of tree leaves. After two, three twists, the mass of leaves took the shape of a tiger's head. His fingers made a certain seal, then he pointed his fingers at the leaf tiger and flung it towards the array.

    [1] Utopia or paradise. The literal translation is '????', or paradise outside/separate from the world.
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