Chapter 173 – The Eccentric Girl (2)

    Chapter 173 - The Eccentric Girl (2)

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    From her cultivation form to the array she created, even if it was him, he had never encountered or heard of them before. Just where did she learn these things from?

    He simply folded his arms as he continued watching.

    Although the array this little girl laid out was strange and was able to pose some threat, those stones were normal stones after all. After being constantly smashed to bits by the green tiger, the number of stones in the formations became fewer and fewer.

    Once the number of stones had decreased to a certain point, the array would break. Without the array blocking its path, the green tiger would be able to confront this little girl head-on. At that point, what would she do? Would she take out another method which would surprise him?

    Ning Xuemo was cursing inside her heart. This green tiger magic beast was too abnormal! Its head was tougher than stone! If she let it continue smashing like this, it would be able to smash its way to her within an hour!

    She had to take advantage of when the array hadn't broken yet to deal with it!

    Her body rose as her hand opened up like a lotus flower, and she slapped once on each of the array's large stones circling her.

    Her shen fa[1] was nimble, enabling her to move unhindered through the array as if she was flying. Suddenly, she brushed past the front of the green tiger. The green tiger subconsciously raised a paw to swipe, but its attack only managed to land on a large stone...

    The stone crumbled into powder from the force, but the little girl dodged behind yet another stone. She repeatedly coaxed it. "Come on, Green Fur. Come and catch me if you can."

    A smile blossomed on her face, but that green tiger didn't possess any tender feelings for the fairer sex. It roared loudly before pouncing over once again!

    "Bang!" Its head once again hit another large stone, pulverizing it into powder. However, from the stone's cracks, multiple rays of light shot out and jabbed into its head...

    That green tiger staggered back a bit but didn't collapse. It just shook its head as it continued charging and smashing.

    Ning Xuemo "..." The silver needles that she placed in the rock's seams were coated with deadly poison.

    Even if it was a dinosaur, it should have collapsed immediately. She didn't think that nothing would happen to the green tiger.

    'Suprisingly, this tiger can resist poison?'

    As expected of a monster from the 9th mountain...

    Ning Xuemo continued to hide needles with all sorts of poisons and even powerful anesthetics in the large stones before taunting the green tiger into ramming into them. Every needle managed to stab into the green tiger's head, yet none managed to inflict the slightest harm on it.

    That green tiger remained as powerful as before, even its smashing got more aggressive.

    Fragments of stone flew everywhere in the formation as dust filled the air. It caused Ning Xuemo to cough to the point of having a bit of a headache...

    This green tiger didn't seem to be afraid of any poison. She couldn't afford to waste anymore poisoned needles on it. It looks like she would have to think of another method.

    Her gaze landed on the green tiger's lush green fur as an idea suddenly occurred. This fellow was so green, it probably belonged to the wood element right? Then, wouldn't fire be able to restrain it?

    She checked her belongings and took out a match. Flicking it, she managed to light it. She rushed into danger by charging towards the green tiger, which hurriedly retreated before using its paw to swipe at her!

    If it wasn't for the fact that Ning Xuemo's movements were quick enough, this swipe would have ended her.

    But the wind from the swipe still managed to extinguish the match...

    Ning Xuemo wasn't interested in facing it head on; this time was just a test. Using those large stones, she avoided the following attacks of the green tiger.

    'This thing should be afraid of fire!'

    Ning Xuemo reached this conclusion. There was a large tree in the formation, standing straight and topped with thick leaves and many branches.

    Ning Xuemo was as agile as a monkey, quickly, she ascended the tree and broke off a branch...

    That ginseng child clothed in white was standing on another large tree, enjoying the show. Seeing her break off a lush green branch, the corner of his lips slightly hooked upwards.

    He was immensely intelligent, so he could naturally see what she was planning to do. She must have noticed that the green tiger was afraid of fire and decided to make a torch.

    [1] Shen fa is a complex yet simple concept in internal martial arts. It's the trained movements of your body. In other words, you train your body to move based on a certain martial arts style because it's more efficient in battle or whatsoever. That's the simple way to understand shen fa. For more informations, click here.
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