Chapter 174 – Scheme (1)

    Chapter 174 - Scheme (1)

    But this branch was in a perfectly healthy condition. It still had a lot of sap in it, not to mention the many leaves that covered it, causing it to be very green. Could that match in her hand really burn it?

    'Is this little girl anxious to the point of being muddle-headed?'

    The little child felt his mood being uplifted while watching everything from here.

    She actually dared to attack him when he was at his weakest and even interrupted his cultivation, causing him to waste a year's worth of cultivation. What's more, she went as far as  biting him.

    This was the price she should pay for offending him!

    If it was at any other time that someone dared to offend him, they would have long turned to ashes!

    He had actually left her some face...

    The white-clothed child lazily leaned against the large tree as he watched Ning Xuemo scurrying around. Suddenly he felt like his long and monotonous life was not that boring any more.

    'How would she light it on fire?'

    If she could use fire-type psychokinesis then it would not be too difficult.

    At his peak, he could lignite all the surrounding trees with a wave of his sleeve.

    But this little girl was clearly a psychokinetic waste

    His idea had not fully formed before he suddenly saw Ning Xuemo using one hand to hold the branch as she gently shut her eyes and took on a movement posture.

    A moment later, under the astonished gaze of the child, that branch started withering at a rate visible to the naked eye...

    The boy suddenly narrowed his eyes.

    'What is this technique?!'

    It was as if she used demonic arts to completely drain the tree branch of all life.

    'This type of technique...'

    The expression on his handsome little face had become grave, and his lazy posture of leaning against the tree was gradually changed to an upright posture. A pondering look flashed across his eyes.

    Ning Xuemo was actually just testing something. She had once drained a crystal core of its energy to the point it turned into a dry stick so she used her inner force to reproduce the same situation on the tree branch. She rushed into action as if she was treating a dead horse. As expected, the tree branch was drained to the point of turning into a dry piece of wood.

    The leaves that were originally bursting with life had now withered. She used the match in her hand to light it...

    A moment later, a torch was fiercely burning in her hand.

    When the fire was strong enough, she once again flew out. The fiercely burning torch was like a flaming sword which smashed towards the green tiger...

    "Boom!" The green tiger did not manage to dodge. All the fur on its body seemed as if it was covered in oil as it quickly went up in flames.

    "Aowuu~~" The green tiger raised its head, letting out a miserable scream. Its body collapsed as if it had been made of paper mache and, in the blink of an eye, it had been incinerated into oblivion.

    Ning Xuemo "..."

    She stared at the pile of ash on the floor, somewhat stunned.

    She already saw that the tiger was afraid of fire, but she had not thought it would be this helpless against it!

    Just one torch had managed to completely incinerate it. She had thought that she would have been able to at least get a few pieces of tiger meat!

    The scent of burnt leaves wafted through the air, yet did not contain the expected scent of burnt meat. She did not even see any crystal core left behind...

    There was only one possibility for this situation to occur; It was not a real tiger, but one transformed from a technique!

    'That ginseng child!' It seems like that little thing did not run away and was still here scheming against her!

    This little thing had a really vengeful heart. He had escaped from her yet did not run away. It seems like it was still harbouring an unresigned heart and watching her secretly from somewhere...

    Ning Xuemo's eyes flashed slightly. She circled the spot the green tiger vanished from when suddenly she stumbled. Lifting her hand, she discovered her palm dripping with fresh blood where a silver needle had managed to pierce her flesh. It shone with a faint light under the moonlight.

    "Dammit!" She cursed in a low voice. She lifted her hand to remove the needle and took out a small bottle, seemingly about to apply medicine on the wound. However, her fingers would not stop trembling, causing her to be unable to pour out the powder. Suddenly, her legs lost their strength as she collapsed!
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