Chapter 175 – Scheme (2)

    Chapter 175 - Scheme (2)

    A bang sounded out as her head knocked against a large stone and, after a tremble, her body stopped moving.

    The white-clothed child, "..." His long eyelashes slightly lowered as he watched Ning Xuemo, who seemed to be poisoned by her own poison and collapsed. He did not react for a while.

    That little girl's head should have been injured from banging into the rock. Blood slowly leaked from her head. It was a dark purple colour, an obvious sign of poisoning!

    The little girl was still young after all. Keeping that kind of poison on her body and, after going through that kind of battle, to accidentally poison herself with her needles was highly possible.

    His gaze landed on that pool of blood. From the colour, it seems like the poison was not mild. Would she die just like that in this place?

    He folded his arms and stood there watching for yet another 15 minutes. From start to end, Ning Xuemo just lay there, not even making a movement.

    Her clothing swayed in the wind, making her curled up body look even more lonesome and weak, as if a few more gusts of wind would scatter her away.

    The white-clothed ginseng boy watched for a long while before suddenly folding tree leaves into the shape of a wolf and tossing it down. It landed next to Ning Xuemo as it finished its transformation into a large and ferocious wolf.

    The large wolf circled Ning Xuemo and sniffed her. Suddenly, it bared its snow-white canines and bit onto her leg.

    Fresh blood spilled out, its colour also a dark purple...

    That large wolf raised its head and let out a long howl. The sound echoed through the mountains yet Ning Xuemo remained unmoving.

    'It seems like this little girl really did faint!'

    The white-clothed child moved and, in the blink of an eye, he was in front of Ning Xuemo. He flicked his finger at the wolf and it immediately turned into green leaves.

    He lowered his head to look at Ning Xuemo. Then, he stretched out his tiny hand with the intention to flip her over to examine her...

    In an instant, the situation changed.

    Ning Xuemo's body suddenly jumped up like lightning as she pounced on the white-clothed boy...

    Her movements were abnormally quick and had a strong explosive power behind them. The speed of her movement was comparable to that of the speed of light, causing the child to be unable to dodge in time and was tackled head on by her..

    His height did not even reach a meter. Ning Xuemo was like a giant compared to him, so he simply could not endure her entire body's weight. With a 'Bam!', he was knocked to the ground. To make matters worse, the back of his head knocked into a limestone, the impact caused him to see stars.

    At the same time, the joints on his four limbs felt coldness, then pain, and finally numbness. Numerous silver needles had already pierced into his body!

    Blackness covered his eyes as his entire body was paralysed. He only managed to say a single sentence, "If you kill me you'll never leave the 9th mountain..."

    And then, he fainted.

    Ning Xuemo, "..."

    The blade in her hand was originally going to stab into his heart but his last words caused her to hold back.

    First, she lifted her hand to her mouth and swallowed a pill. Then, she took a breather for a moment. Finally, she lowered her gaze to look at the little bastard who was firmly secured by her.

    She cocked her head and pondered for a bit before simply taking out all the strings and threads on her...

    And tied him up completely!

    In fact, the reason why she pretended to be poisoned was to lure this little fellow out.

    In order to make it look more realistic, she swallowed one of her poison pills. This type of poison would not take a person's life, though it would cause the blood vessels in their bodies to feel slightly painful.

    More importantly, this poison caused the blood to turn into a darker color, as if the person had been heavily poisoned.

    This little ginseng child really was very prudent, he actually sent a wolf down here to test her!
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